Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finishing Touches

I frequently get a tad frustrated with my collection. The thing is, I spend so much time (and resources!) buying for the shop that in the last few years, I feel like my closet gets short shrift. That I don't have full matching outfits, or that the matching pieces I have aren't "enough." That my clothes need something other than the foundation garments underneath!

I've been recently inspired, looking at other gals' blogs, by the careful finishing touches so many use - things that I LOVE, but often don't have, and never remember to look for, when my brain is all focused on business. Little deco rhinestone hair combs or clips. Bakelite dress clips. Shoe clips. Sweater clips (my goodness, a lot of little details are "clips" of one kind or another!) They really finish an ensemble, make you look complete, and put you in the time so much more than simply zipping up a dress.

So, I'm challenging myself a bit - I'm bringing seven hats with me to VLV, twelve pairs of gloves, four scarfs, every scrap of bakelite I own (included two pairs of dress clips), a pair of hair combs, and a set of shoe clips. And the plan is to use it all. (Well, I have more bakelite bangles than I could use in even a very busy 5 days. But I'm going to give it a go.)

I'm not sure that we'll be able to put the pics from his camera onto the computer we'll have with us, but if so, I'll make a couple updates throughout the weekend detailing each day's VERY COMPLETE ensembles!

In the meanwhile, here's some of my picks from Etsy for great finishing touches - there's some great accessories there at terrific prices!!

1930s Deco Dress clips from VintageFabulous:

Shoe clips! So hard to find ones that aren't rhinestone covered!

A fantastic 1930s hat with grosgrain trim from SnootieSeconds:

A truly terrific PINK studded belt from Denisebrain:

Orchid hair combs! (and earrings) DARLING! from treasurespast

Until some drunken evening at Viva - Yours very truly,