Monday, November 7, 2011

And the winner is!

Okay, I am so sorry for the delay! We've just photographed about as many new items as there are currently in the shop, and I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed. The entries were wonderful!

The winner of this fun contest turned out to be a talented professional designer, who does fantastic work, and his gal is a fan of Fab Gabs! Here's the new logo that will be rolling out in the shop and on your packaging. Isn't that swell? I LOVE black and green! Need a logo? Go check out his website.

I'm so impressed. Black and green is a color combination that always says "vintage!" to me.

There were too many other great submissions to pick just two runners up! So, we picked four. All these ladies get a $25 Gift Certificate to the shop!
Sean M.
Simara R.
Anna of Studio by the Forest
Emily S.

Thank you EVERYONE! I love seeing how you see the essence of Fab Gabs. Absolutely everything was swell - some was just straight gorgeous. I'm honored that you spent the time and effort on this contest, and look forward to showing off the results! The winners have received emails, but in case you missed it, message me for the details on your Gift Certificate!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gotta Getta Logo - a Giveaway Contest!

It's time.

In fact, it is PAST time. Fab Gabs is a brand, and brands have logos! I'm always envious of the logos of vintage shops that I admire, but I'm afraid that graphic design is beyond me.

Nike has the swoosh. Coca-Coca has the round symbol that has been used for about a century now. 

I want something simple, versatile and timeless, but that suits the spirit of my shop. How do I get that? I don't know. That, I'm leaving up to you. Now, through October 31st, I'm taking entries from YOU for a new logo for the shop. What do you get? One winner gets a $100 Fab Gabs gift certificate. And two runners up get a $25 gift certificate, too!

What shops give me logo envy? Here's just a few! And each of these shops has awesome vintage, too. Take a peek!

Visit Dear Golden
I know that I've shown these images in banner format, since that is what was handy. But remember that the logo is is only a part of the banner - I'll make my own banners, what I need from you is a symbol or design that will become to FabGabs what the "M" is to McDonald's.

Above, Dear Golden's hexagonal shape is simple, and clean. She could put it over any image, a versatility I'm looking for. And I love the uniqueness of Allen's Company's bug - I would never have thought to have a bug for a vintage store, but it is a beautiful logo, and easy to recognize. Prance and Swagger has a striking font. Whatever you create, picture it going on the left side of the blog banner - something that work with whatever photo I choose to use, or be sized down to be used on blog advertisements and my Etsy banner. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

To enter, create a logo before October 31st, post a comment, and email your entry to Entries will be judged by a juried team - myself, my photographer Lulu and model Solanah.

The winner will be announced on this blog on or before November 5th, and the winners will receive their prizes immediately after the announcement. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

IMPORTANT RULE! If you use artwork in your piece, you must either create the art fresh, or, if you use art from the web, it MUST be public domain. No copyrighted art borrowed from Twitter or a Google search. I don't need any copyright issues from upset artists!!