Monday, November 7, 2011

And the winner is!

Okay, I am so sorry for the delay! We've just photographed about as many new items as there are currently in the shop, and I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed. The entries were wonderful!

The winner of this fun contest turned out to be a talented professional designer, who does fantastic work, and his gal is a fan of Fab Gabs! Here's the new logo that will be rolling out in the shop and on your packaging. Isn't that swell? I LOVE black and green! Need a logo? Go check out his website.

I'm so impressed. Black and green is a color combination that always says "vintage!" to me.

There were too many other great submissions to pick just two runners up! So, we picked four. All these ladies get a $25 Gift Certificate to the shop!
Sean M.
Simara R.
Anna of Studio by the Forest
Emily S.

Thank you EVERYONE! I love seeing how you see the essence of Fab Gabs. Absolutely everything was swell - some was just straight gorgeous. I'm honored that you spent the time and effort on this contest, and look forward to showing off the results! The winners have received emails, but in case you missed it, message me for the details on your Gift Certificate!

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  1. This is so cool!!!! Thanks so much, Julie! It's such a blessing to be a runner up. And on the first time I ever entered my artwork into a contest...I'm just extactic!