Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Like Candy

So, since Vixen Vintage is being so great as to help me get new followers (due to the GIVEAWAY in progress) I figure I should give you something to read.

Let's talk about my favorite kind of candy: Bakelite. Of course, the best thing about bakelite is not talking it - it is looking at it, and better - wearing it!

From FaithandFranny on Etsy

From judysgems2 on Etsy

From slapmefabulous on Etsy

Here's my two newest THRIFT STORE Bakelite finds from yesterday - a total cost of $4.98, and I'm quite the happy camper. Of course, I'd really love to have the amazing pieces shown up above, but they're a tad more into the "luxury spending" ranges!