Monday, October 15, 2012

Tiki Time!

Hi again.
It's me.
You know, the girl who started a buddy challenge, then dropped out?
(Don't worry, those of you who make it still get your prizes!!)

I'm working my way to being able to blog again daily. I keep thinking I'm ready, and then let life get in the way. But I really have needed the time to balance things in my life.
One of those things has been taking time off, I think I've talked about that.
Tied into that is spending more time with friends. 

A bi-product of which is spending more DRUNK time with friends. Actually, it's the first time I'd had that much to drink in a LONG time. (Boy, does it show.)
This weekend included a double-header evening that started at 4pm with gratis tiki drinks at Trader Vic's for participating in a promotional photoshoot. We followed it up by watching the local Elvis impersonator at the Pink Feather. Sandwiched in between was food and cocktails at a friend's (AMAZING) home.

I guess we'll count this toward going back to daily blogging. I'm going to give it a shot, at least.
So, I'm back at 180.0 lbs (I think I started at 186)
And yeah, I'm working on it.
But not this past weekend. Because the calories in those tiki drinks completely negates the jogging and healthy eating!

What I'm going to do with all this is not kill myself. If I dress "casual vintage" and just take a snapshot or Instagram, that's what I'll give you. I work a lot, and spend a lot of time here on the computer. I'm going to keep up with business and blogging on a level that allows me to actually come up for air, and enjoy life!