Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just... be yourself. (Shop Update)

Welcome to the New (Old) Fab Gabs.

Serena in a 1930s bias cut gown of silk charmeuse and lace

Over the last year, I've felt really tired and bored with my business. Photoshoots felt like hard work. No matter how pretty the products, I've been dragging my heels getting things listed. I've toyed with the idea - over and over again - of switching to a dress form. On a white background. I've felt grateful my customers were still coming back!

1. 40s Rose Jacket, coming soon 2. 1940s Coat, coming soon. 3. 40s Cherries Dress, sold 4. 40s Ski Jacket, coming soon.

Thanks to two friends, Jennifer of Jumblelaya and Mel (thank you!) I tossed that right out the window. One talked to me about creativity, and being myself to be myself. The other talked to me about the economics of standing out in the crowd. And they are both right.

Hello, Me. I missed you. Oh, and HI SOLANAH. We missed you, too. She came to guest star, I lured her with champagne and promises of fun girl time. And I will shamelessly bribe her to come back in the future!

Solanah in her insane Lucie Ann designer peignoir. Headed to ebay soon!
So, unless everyone decides that they just utterly hate my living room, and it decimates my sales numbers (because let's be honest, that living room has a mortgage attached to it) this is the look of Fab Gabs from here on out.

I don't care that it is busy. I don't care that my walls are rather dark, or that sometimes a lamp or photo is in a weird place behind the models head. This is what made me just love my business. What made me excited for each new photoshoot. I'm glad to have it back, and I hope that my love for it, my passion for these eras shines through in the way I always wanted it to.

1. Katie ROCKING a rust brown crepe dress 2. Serena in a Milgrim Suit 3. Forest Green Sweater Set - all coming soon

You might have noticed we started with my favorite era - the late 30s to the 40s. Stay tuned. There's great stuff coming up in the next couple days! I wish I'd taken behind the scenes photos of our champagne cocktails and chocolate dipped strawberries. Next time, I promise.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Come to Church (of Sinatra)

Church of Sinatra. It's a San Francisco tradition, with various chapters through the western US. The Portland chapter has had a little hiatus, and I was determined to get it started up again for 2014. You should see the reactions I get when I tell people they should come to my "Church."

It was so delightful to hold it, that I realized how much I missed it. I put it on hold toward the end of 2011, I just wasn't able to maintain the rhythm of it.

Most of these photos are courtesy of "the other vintage Julie" (the one on the right below.) as I generally forget to take photos.

The theme cocktails this month were the Blood and Sand, The Aviation, and the Brandy Alexander. I shook so many cocktails that I shook my hair out of it's pins!

Just add well dressed friends:

Yes - 2014 is back to the full swing of hosting at my place. I always thought my house needed a name, but it's so 40s granny, I never found one that fit. We have Fur & Feathers coming up, and then another Church in February and our FOURTH annual PJ party. Hurray!