Monday, February 22, 2010

The Last of the Contest Entries... A Little Late

It was such a pleasure to have everyone participate in this contest! I'll be sending out an email today or tomorrow gathering your addresses if you wish to provide them - all participants will be getting a little "thank you" just for trying!

Here's the last two collections of gals - such lovely ladies you all are!

Things that make me go WOW! Fur coat, stunning hawaiian-esque dress, and the FOX!

Left to Right: OliviaBanana, Tiddley Wink, Olygirl

Fantastic Separates and Suit Ensembles!

From Left to Right: Golden Girl of the West, Lolita Haze, Charlotte

NOW!! Now that I have your attention I promise to make at least one semi-interesting blog post every ten days. (If I tell you ever week, I'll just get overwhelmed and behind.)

And there WILL be more contests and giveaways in the future!

Friday, February 19, 2010

And the Winner Is!


But wait! Everyone who entered will get a little thank-you, too!

More information and AND more photos from the last minute entries to be added tomorrow!

Many, many thanks to all who participated! I had a LOT of fun. It is inspirational - not to mention a bloody comfort! - to see so many other well dressed gals out there. Because sometimes - just sometimes - I think we all wonder if maybe we're the only vintage obsessed weirdo in the world.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Contest Entry Photos Round 2!

Gals, there's less than 48 hours left to enter! I've been so excited to see all the different ways gals wear their vintage - it has been really fun! These collections bring the collages current to who has entered - but if I managed to miss you, PLEASE send me a reminder!

In Black and White - vintage-y pics of gals in vintage!

From Left to Right: Brooksie and Art Deco Dame (sorry! two from her - I needed another b&w shot)

Girls Who Wear Glasses - I'm a four-eyes myself, in all honesty!

Left to Right: SweetClothes, Miss Emmi, RaeNicki

Gals Who've Got the Blues

Left to Right: GGAVintage, Baby Steps Vintage, Crazy Daisy

A little golden Yellow - yellow dresses and books, too!

Left to Right: Andi B. Goode, Rockabilly Bebe, The Dreamstress

Accessories - you know, cars and vintage furniture...

Left to Right: Miss Fitrhi, SabrinaHolly

I've had SO much fun with this! I wish that every single one of you lovely gals could win! Good luck to all of you!

And tell you friends - there is still time to enter!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Contest Entry Photos Round 1!

I'm totally thrilled that such stylish gals are participating! It is great to know that wherever the prize lands, it will go to someone that will use and enjoy whatever they "buy!"

Here's only some of the great entries so far - I'm trying to group them a little by theme into groups of three - there are two entries not yet represented. YES! That's right. Only 11 ladies have entered photographs to quality for the contest - you have a GREAT chance of winning the prize! So get me those photos, ladies! The next collection will be made once I have a twelfth photo!

Ladies in Red - women after my own heart for sure!
Left to right: Tempermental Broad, Twila Jean, and Archivia

Fur and Finery - need I say more?
Left to Right: The Vintage Baroness, Dizzy Dame, and Mary Deluxe

Casual Separates - the MUST HAVES for living in vintage!
Left to Right: Joanna of Brahdelt, Va-Voom Vintage, and Tart-Deco

More will be posted in this series tomorrow! For NOW, get your entries in ladies!
You MUST send a picture to qualify for any other entries
If you sent a picture, you'll get an extra entry for tweeting or blogging about it, and ANOTHER entry for coming up with a cool way for me to promote my business!

Now, I'm gonna veg out with a movie. Cheers!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be Yourself in Vintage! A Fab Gabs Vintage Giveaway!

I know, you won’t read anything past this, right? So what can you win?

A $75 Fab Gabs Gift Certificate, a box of Valentine’s chocolates and grab-bag surprise! Not bad, eh?

I wear vintage every. single. day. I’m not good with visual art or crafty things, so my personal style is the number one way that I express myself. My best friend lives several hundred miles away, so on occasion we send each other photos when we’ve really put ourselves together well. (Hurray for the iphone.) Okay, so its vain. I’m alright with that.

I want to see how YOU wear vintage and how YOU express yourself best!
The first way to enter this contest is simple: send me a photo of how you express yourself. I want to see how you wear your vintage or how you use what you create! The photos will be posted to this blog in batches, collage style. I’ll extra love you if you send camera phone pictures like these. You HAVE to do this entry to qualify for the other two chances! Email your photo to Make sure to post a comment so I can count your entry easily!

If you've qualified by sending a photo expressing yourself, you’ll get a second entry for tweeting OR blogging about it! (You can blog/tweet first and send a photo after.) Post a separate comment here with a link once you do.

There’s a third way to get an entry, and it is pretty free form. Suggest, provide or brainstorm ways new and creative (also ethical and non-irritating) ways for me to promote my business. Please leave your comment in a separate comment to make it easy for me!

This contests begins when the blog is posted and ends Thursday, February 18th at 11:59 Pacific Time. The winner will be posted here and on Twitter by 9am Pacific Time Friday morning. In fact, I’ll post several times to Twitter to make sure everyone sees it! Good luck everyone! I’ll looking forward to this – it should be fun!