Thursday, February 11, 2010

Contest Entry Photos Round 1!

I'm totally thrilled that such stylish gals are participating! It is great to know that wherever the prize lands, it will go to someone that will use and enjoy whatever they "buy!"

Here's only some of the great entries so far - I'm trying to group them a little by theme into groups of three - there are two entries not yet represented. YES! That's right. Only 11 ladies have entered photographs to quality for the contest - you have a GREAT chance of winning the prize! So get me those photos, ladies! The next collection will be made once I have a twelfth photo!

Ladies in Red - women after my own heart for sure!
Left to right: Tempermental Broad, Twila Jean, and Archivia

Fur and Finery - need I say more?
Left to Right: The Vintage Baroness, Dizzy Dame, and Mary Deluxe

Casual Separates - the MUST HAVES for living in vintage!
Left to Right: Joanna of Brahdelt, Va-Voom Vintage, and Tart-Deco

More will be posted in this series tomorrow! For NOW, get your entries in ladies!
You MUST send a picture to qualify for any other entries
If you sent a picture, you'll get an extra entry for tweeting or blogging about it, and ANOTHER entry for coming up with a cool way for me to promote my business!

Now, I'm gonna veg out with a movie. Cheers!


  1. Ah... I am green with envy!! Look at all those gorgeous girls!!

  2. Wow, we should make a calendar :)

  3. Thank you for posting my pic! I love seeing how everyone wears vintage. Its inspiring!!

  4. They all look so fabulous!

    As for helping promote your etsy store, my suggestion would be to include an approximate size (S, M, L, XL etc) in the item's title. When I am browsing on etsy, I typically search "XS" just to narrow down the selection of things to look at, as I get sick of seeing pretty dresses that aren't in my size! This may help your items be seen more frequently, as I don't know how many people have time to browse ALL of the most recently listed vintage things! I suspect most people use some kind of narrowing down criteria like myself, and the more descriptive you are in the title, the more likely it is that your listings will appear in the search results.

  5. I just tweeted about the contest ;]