Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Contest Entry Photos Round 2!

Gals, there's less than 48 hours left to enter! I've been so excited to see all the different ways gals wear their vintage - it has been really fun! These collections bring the collages current to who has entered - but if I managed to miss you, PLEASE send me a reminder!

In Black and White - vintage-y pics of gals in vintage!

From Left to Right: Brooksie and Art Deco Dame (sorry! two from her - I needed another b&w shot)

Girls Who Wear Glasses - I'm a four-eyes myself, in all honesty!

Left to Right: SweetClothes, Miss Emmi, RaeNicki

Gals Who've Got the Blues

Left to Right: GGAVintage, Baby Steps Vintage, Crazy Daisy

A little golden Yellow - yellow dresses and books, too!

Left to Right: Andi B. Goode, Rockabilly Bebe, The Dreamstress

Accessories - you know, cars and vintage furniture...

Left to Right: Miss Fitrhi, SabrinaHolly

I've had SO much fun with this! I wish that every single one of you lovely gals could win! Good luck to all of you!

And tell you friends - there is still time to enter!


  1. Great pics from everyone! This was such a good idea. I got my fabulous vintage skirt from the lovely! She has great items.

  2. Oh the necklace & matching earrings are from The fabulous friend got it from a neighbor & her mother banned it from the house, saying it was too ugly. It's mine now! I love it.

  3. Im so nice you had to use me twice haha.

  4. Lookin good gals! What a fun contest Julie! Can't wait to see more!


  5. Wow everyone looks so stylish and gorgeous! x

  6. Stephanie my dear, you aren't entering?? Why, you bought my favorite hat!

  7. I love how you grouped everyone together in categories! It's been such a fun contest :D

  8. thanks Julie, was fun participating! inspiring me to go way back in time...

  9. I love seeing all the stylish ladies!!! It's so inspirational!! This was such a great idea!!


  10. All of these look great!! Congrats to all you fab ladies out there on having a fantastic sense of style!