Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let's Play a Holiday Giveaway Game!

This is the dress in my store that I want for Christmas more than ANYTHING else. (It doesn't fit.) And I realize, I probably shot a little high on the price... but I still want it, and can't quite bring myself to let it fly out the door. In any case, the whole thing made me think of a little holiday game.

I have picked a secret item from my shop as the "magic item." Browse my store, and pick out what YOU would want for Christmas! Leave a comment on my blog or a tweet through twitter phrased this way (EXAMPLE) "All I want for Christmas is your Gilda Gown Dress." The first person to pick my magic item will win a fabulous little Vintage Gift Package - a 1950's handbag stuffed with goodies: a bakelite bangle, a pair of fabulous rhinestone earrings, TWO fantabulous scarves - AND - even though they don't "go" at all - cute vintage Christmas cards to decorate your home! If more than one person chooses the "magic item" as their Christmas wish, they will also get a small vintage goody - maybe a pair of gloves, or Vera napkins, something!

The more people who participate, the more excited I'll get. I won't limit myself to sending you ONLY what is listed, you never know treats what you could get in your stocking!

This giveaway will run until MIDNIGHT Friday the 18th (tomorrow) or until someone picks the magic item, whichever takes longer! The winner will be announced here and on Twitter first thing Saturday morning. Good luck and happy window-shopping!

**Free hint! The Secret Item is NOT my Gilda dress!***

One item per person unless the item isn't guessed by midnight tomorrow! Then, I will let everyone know they can take a second and third chance. GOOD LUCK!


  1. Oh, this sounds like so much fun! Off to hunt!

  2. Mod Ornamental... A Shimmering Christmas-y Silver 60s Shift Dress Awesome!
    @kayte71 twitter

  3. I would snog one of Santas elves for your Peppermint Pink dress!
    Will be adding your blog to my follow list.
    Can I just say I love how cute all your etsy pics are! :)

  4. I kept changing my wanted item every page I clicked! I was born in the wrong era *sigh*


    All I want for Christmas is your Silver Bell party dress to light up my evening time and I'll Fly Away poncho lingerie to spark up my night time.

    SabinaVM on Twitter

  5. So many items that I absolutely LOVE! But... All *I* want for Christmas is your Eyelet Enchanted 1940s Black Rayon Swing Dress With Embroidery, Eyelet and a Bow in size XL. Gorgeous!

  6. I love your whole shop!Im fond of so many things but for now Id say

    All I want for Christmas is your Casually Co-Ed... A Creamy Wool Late 40's Sweater Set with Beading

    oh or that hat you had that made the front page,eep sorry like I said so hard to pick 1

  7. I just wanted to say again how much I like your new models and photo set up! Lovely stock too and I had trouble picking just one Favorite!

    My pick is this Rhinestone Ruche.... A 1940s Christmas Gown of Ruched Red Faille with Bright White Rhiestones

    Empress Jade Vintage

  8. I love your store! All I want for Christmas is your "Sequined Sophisticate... A Late 30s Rayon Crepe Evening Dress" or to lose enough weight to fit into it so I can buy it!

  9. Okay all I want for Christmas is the Rhinestone Ruche dress. It's just glorious!

  10. Oooh, having to pick just ONE item from your store is so difficult! Okay, all I want for Christmas is the green velvet tilt hat. And someplace to wear it! :D

  11. The shoes I originally wanted are now my fave is the "I'll Fly away" 20's poncho.

  12. All I want for Christmas is the 1940's Black Faille Box Purse.

    Elaine R

  13. All I want for Christmas is that BODACIOUS Black Bubble Cloche Hat :-)

  14. I would choose - 'Fairy Queen... A Floating Ethereal 1930s Silk Chiffon Springtime Floral Gown'


  15. Ok, all I want for Christmas is the "Sparkling Spirals... A Glowing Vintage 1950s Red and Pink Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Necklace.

    It's gorgeous!

  16. Ohmy! All I want for Christmas is the "All Greek to Me... A 1950s ANNE FOGARTY Designer Sundress of Black and White Greek Key Novelty Print"! so cool!

  17. This is fun! One more day of guessing to go - winner will be announced at 9am tomorrow! Sign up to follow my blog, because I think I'll start doing things like this regularly!

  18. Well, I know it's not very Christmas-y, but I LOVE the Be Mine Valentine Day Dress! I love everything about it - the pink, the sleeves, the buttons. I imagine it would be a very lucky dress, even if it's not the answer to this mystery. ~xo, fawn

  19. All I want for Christmas Valentino cape- and hey, it's one of the few vintage things this looming giant woman could actually wear! Man, just look at the awesome drama of it!


    who thinks this is a great idea for a giveaway!

  20. I love this idea and would say... The Right Stripes... A Sassy 1950s Felt Hat with Grosgrain Ribbon Stripes is the best!

    I'm twittering about it :)

  21. All I want for Christmas is Fab Gabs Vintage's Sunset in Chinatown, a Bombshell 1940s Noir Femme Fatale Beaded and Draped Rayon Dress. :)

    Happy Holidays!

  22. All I want for xmas is you Noir Holiday green hat

    I have really been wanting a killer tilt hat in a different color.
    sadly I have champagne taste on a pabpst blue ribbon budget. so.. window shopping it is :)

    Any word on the house?? did they like it when the toured it the other day??

  23. Twila Jean, no, no luck. Got a call from my realtor with some inquiries regarding details, but they must not have liked my answers.

  24. Your shop is sooo cute!
    Here's my guess.. all I want for Christmas is The Ruby Red Coat... A Late 1940's Swing Coat with Attached Mink Scarf

    It looks so warm :)
    love all your pics too!

    origamibysisi at gmail dot com

  25. All I want for Christmas is the Svelte Sophisticate Dress! It's just dreamy and I can dream myself right into it!
    Love your shop!


    Tiddleywink (Ampersandwich) and Twila Jean (exquisitebones) both picked the secret item:

    Noir Holiday... A Massive 1940s Velvet Tilt Topper Bow Hat with Feather Spray in Greens

    Both of you gals just need to send me an Etsy Convo with your addresses and I will package up your goodies and send them out! Merry Christmas, and thanks for playing!

  27. Oh bother, I just missed it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and entering my giveaway though! :-)

  28. For the record, I am SO EXCITED to have won, along with Twila Jean! Whoop whoop whoop, all weekend long!

  29. Just wanted to say thanks again for stopping by my blog. Please don't be a stranger! :-)

    Confessions of Lingerie Addict