Thursday, April 22, 2010


I can't wait to post photos for you of the crazy over-packed car. I'm terrified about how wrinkled everything will be when it is unpacked. There are 265 women's garments, 55 pairs of women's shoes, 25 handbags, six hats (had to cut back), 7 pieces of lingerie, 60 men's garments, five racks (including a four way!), two folding bookshelves, one dress form and two mannequin heads inside and on top of my PONTIAC VIBE. For those of you who don't know, they look like this: (same car as a Toyota Matrix.)

Take 20% off any one item in the Fab Gabs Booth at the Santa Monica Vintage Expo. Not Valid with any other discounts.

This is insanity. I need a mini-van again! (Mine was totalled in 2008 ... got this hunk of junk instead.)

I leave in 4.25 hours for the first leg of the trip - get to stay with my favorite person in the world in San Francisco for the evening. Then leaving at 5am again to get into Santa Monica at unloading time.

I'm filling a 10x20 booth (that's 200 sq ft) out of a car with 54.1 cubic ft of cargo space. Start laughing now. Start laughing any time! And you can laugh all the way to the bank by printing out that Pontiac Vibe pic with the coupon text underneath. Nifty, no?

See you there! xoxoxo!


  1. You must post photos of the car! ;D

    And have plenty of fun at the Vintage Expo!

  2. wow, this gal means business! Have a great time at the show!