Friday, April 9, 2010

Viva Lost Wages in Show and Tell

Well, I've been back for a few days. As it happens, I forgot my camera - and so did Dave. (But all out clothes got there, organized in outfits, and that's what is REALLY important!) Because of that, I've had to rely on photos taken by friends to record the outfits, and there's only a fraction of the 17 different ensembles I wore represented here.

My birthday night ensemble, featuring the finest hat in my collection. A New York creation, with gathered red rayon over black felt. The rayon is gathered at the bottom and can be pinned around the hair.
Dress: Bombshell Vintage, Portland, OR

This black taffeta dress has an amazingly gathered bodice with a dropped waist. More impressive in person, but it really isn't "me." I'll be selling it.

I lived in these suspender pants almost every night for the record hops! I brought two pairs, but one got rum & coke all down them. The blouse is a 1930's gathered silk crepe with wide, ruffled collar. One of my favorite thrift finds ever. The pants! JITTERBUGGIN of course!

I really was living in pants a large percentage of time. These mustard rayon pants are worn out, but I can't give them up! The 40s short sleeve sweater is red-orange, navy and cream. A dear favorite of mine.

More of Jitterbuggin's suspender pants, with a silky pink rayon blouse.

Until this suit, I never had anything to wear these not quite mustard colored gloves with. Enjoying the ONLY quality cocktail of the whole weekend.

I am extremely fond of this hat. Tore the heck out of my stockings that night though, had to lose them.

Birthday pants! Black rayon gab - one of my gifts from Dave. I *LOVE* these. Bought the blouse that night from Santa Fe vintage to make a perfect set. There's even more bakelite on the other wrist. Turns out I have a LOT of green.

Okay, bombshell isn't my natural state, but I can play too! This smokin' deal of a dress was a surprise find by my friend who runs Eagle Eye Vintage. Most - not all - but most of the bakelite on my friend to the left is mine. I was a bakelite ATM at Viva.

Actually, this was one of my favorite ensembles and I almost forgot it! Silk 1940's novelty print halter, clearly made out of the remnants someone had hanging around. I've always thought this was something I could actually make while I learn to sew. The skirt is a 40's rayon wrap with ruffley/drapedness to the closure.

Sooo... go buy yer Jitterbuggin pants and peek in at Eagle Eye, too! She has a knack for finding amazing handbags. And of course, you can peek in my shop. I'll be listing things perfect for NEXT VLV shortly.

My thoughts on the weekend: finally, I felt like Viva got too crowded. The car show was stupidly big. The main showroom for Wanda Jackson was beyond packed - you literally COULDN'T move. All in all though, I had a fantastic time, one of the best weekender experiences I've been too over all. Maybe because I gave up on trying so hard to bring my strictly "rockabilly" stuff - and just wore what I pleased!

In fact, it seems there were a number of gals in hardcore 40's attire there - including my fashion icon from Chicago, over whom I have major hair and clothes envy. She's positively inspiring. I wonder if she has a blog....

Oh oh oh! And I met two customers (one wearing the carousel dress!), the other recognized me and someone from Twitter/FB recognized me, too! That does good for my ego.


  1. I love your outfits. I didn't realize you were from Portland. I am just across the river in Vancouver. Is that Cassandra in your last photo?

  2. WOWEE, doll, those are some of the most amazing vintage outfits EVER! Looks like an awesome event.


  3. Bebe, yes, it is! She looked just fantastic all weekend. I'll try to make it to Duff's monday night after my photoshoot.

    Thank you dear Baroness! Your flair for late 30s/early 40's sophistication has been so inspiring to me of late.

  4. oooooo wonderful outfits my dear....... gorgeous :D

  5. I also loved your halter top (not pictured) You've got the BEST vintage stuff! Those are the same pants I wanted to get from jitterbug. They look fantastic. That red dress is absolutely stunning! I'm in love with it! Looks like you had a wonderful time :)

  6. thanks for the VLV coverage - I've never been because I'm not really that rockabilly and thought it'd be a waste of my 40's garb - but I can see that it wouldn't be - maybe next year!!

  7. Hey yeah - where ARE those halter top pics?? I'll add em!!

  8. Stunning outfits! I especially love that gold hat!

  9. Love the 4th outfit - I am so into casual right now! - but also your finest hat, the mustard gloves,the 30s blouse...and so on. Mustard and greens looks fabulous on you.
    And your friend is smashing in the red stripey dress!

  10. Love the black blouse you bought- and impressed that you used all the accessories you planned! Nice work :)

  11. You look so lovely :-)

    I need to speak to you about finding me a hat x

  12. You have a fantastic wardrobe! Looks like you had a great time. Oh and a belated Happy Birthday! x

  13. Eep! You look SO amazing in every single photo. Everyone looks amazing. I'm overwhelmed!!
    -Andi x

  14. You did look amazing every time I saw you that weekend. It was so nice to meet you!


  15. Lovely outfits! And it looks like you had a great time :)

  16. Love the outfits. You look gorgeous. The bakelite bangles really bring them to life. Want to read more about Bakelite Bangles, check out my page at

  17. I have been attending Viva Las Vegas weekend since the very first one, when my husband and I staggered downstairs at The Gold Coast one Easter weekend to behold gorgeous women and wonderfully dressed men.

    The event has grown, and I agree with you that the car show was unbelievably big; part of that, don't you think, was because of the area they roped off for the Chuck Berry show?

    I love looking at the people in attendance as much as you do. I have thought about buying some of those wonderful jeans, but instead, I bought a retro repro pattern and will make my own.

    I have a hard time pulling the trigger on true vintage clothing, as I am always afraid of messing it up once I have bought it. I love looking at vintage clothing, but I just can't seem to commit to buying it. :(

  18. Wow! Wonderful outfits! So pretty!

  19. jkubenka,

    Wow! I wish I had the skill to make my own jeans, I would love to have the talent to sew those and suspender pants and blouses... the things that are really hard to find in vintage.

    I think that making a commitment to vintage sounds worse than it is. Yeah, you have to take a lot of vintage to the cleaners. But it is so well made, that if you buy something in GOOD CONDITION to start with, most anything you can do to is repairable, and worth the time. I've had vintage dresses I've worn and worn and worn until they got holes- but the fact is, any garment would wear out given that kind of use!

    Try a cute, cotton dress you can handwash first. Something that is still in good shape and doesn't feel as though the original owner wore it overmuch. I think you'll find that the care & feeding of daily vintage isn't all that much more than your other nice things.


  20. I have a style blog called fabgabblog and I wear vintage every once in a while. You should check it out at Let me know if you would be interested in a link exchange or if you'd like to work with me on any future projects!

  21. Wonderful. I have been slowly adding vintage winter coats into my wardrobe. I wear nothing but vintage jeweley (todays jewelery is such junk!) I also weat the jewels that I recreate on etsy. ( YOUR weekend looked fabtastic!

  22. I found your fabulous blog through ETSY. I love all of your outfits especially the last one. I will be coming back to visit your fabulous blog.