Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 10: Sweater, Skirts, Sushi and so much more

The last two days, I've met up with my friend Sarah, walking with her on the lovely path around the Glendover Golf Course. I grew up near here, and used to walk there as a kid, feeding the squirrels. So it's nostalgic. Today, we also had girl chat time, and sushi.

This is my favorite shot from the day! I'm sure you recognize Sarah's face, as her fabulous shop Stutterin' Mama's Vintage Roadside Boutique has really taken off in the past year.

Sarah is huge inspiration for this project. Oh gosh, what a cheesy thing to say. But she is! About a year and a half ago, Sarah dumped her exhausting 9-5 corporate job to pursue her career in vintage full time. She found more time to work out and take care of her health, and lost over 20 pounds, taking her to a trim and gorgeous 25" waist. Wow! I thought... if she could find the time, with this busy business we do, so can I!

She's also good at keeping me honest about it. So before we get to the cute shots... here's me in workout gear, about to walk six miles at the golf course! Okay... here it is... really.... there. Sigh.

Oh, how I hate workout gear.

Anyway. Since the weather in Portland turned back to gray, there's still time for sweaters. We both paired ours with novelty skirts - that came from each other. The Pirates of Penzance skirt she is wearing used to be mine, and the entirely politically-incorrect Arabic man with camel skirt that I'm wearing used to be hers!

Yes, we both absolutely love Bakelite. My light blue, and her bubblegum pink are both pieces polished in this manner, found on Solanah's Vixen Vintage blog.

Sarah took all the photos today (she takes ALL her own photos for the shop, too! It's unbelievable!) So the clear, bright, pretty pictures are all thanks to her! So, let's have a few more.

My second favorite pic of the day! She and her beau have an AMAZING, PERFECTLY APPOINTED HOME - as I'm sure you can tell - right down to records that have, well, frankly fantastic jackets.

Vintage Bandana: Estate Sale
Sweater: Magpie
Skirt: Stutterin' Mama's Vintage Roadside Boutique
Crinolines: Estate Sale
Shoes: Thrift store find
Workout gear: Target and Goodwill. I never pay good money for workout clothes. There are hats to be purchased, afterall, and bakelite!

P.S. Since I made it to DAY 10 with no fails, I'm having a give-away tomorrow! Because I'm pretty stoked. Stay tuned!


  1. I'm on visually appealing overload!Her house and both you lovely ladies in your attire is much too much wonderfulness!

  2. Yay for the Rolling Stones album! You both look lovely, and a big congrats on 10 days in a row! Keep it up, you're doing great! : D

  3. You are both absolutly lovely!!!! You are so lucky to have so many vintage lovers in your area... I feel sometimes so lonely where I live, none of my friends living close to my home wear vintage everyday like me. Be able to live from selling vintage is also really great!!!!
    Congrats for these 10 days.

  4. Well done, Julie - and looking gorgeous to boot! I'm absolutely LOVING your blog! Keep up the amazing work, it's very inspirational.

  5. Really, everything about these photos are perfection! I think circle skirts are my favorite type of vintage clothing and novelty ones are the best! :)

  6. FABULOUS outfit...that skirt is devine!

  7. It's good to have a friend rooting for you. For me it's my sister. We both work out together, shop together, diet together, etc... I really love your sweater. It's simple, but that's the great part because like you have shown here you can pair it with some really awesome prints!

  8. OMG!! they are the best circle skirts ever!!!!!

  9. Julie, I have just got to comment that I am a fellow vintage lover through and through and love seeing you all dressed up and full makeup-ed,
    but the photo of you pre-workout really shows just how gorgeous you really are. I know you don't feel gorgeous there, but looks at your beautiful face without makeup! Your skin is so lovely and your features are just so utterly pretty. Some women "need" makeup and look better all gussied, but honestly girl, you've really got the face that needs nothing - which is pretty amazing.

    Also, I am really impressed at how honest you are being, about everything, it's so damn refreshing in a sea of blogs out there (that I can't even deal with reading). I would wish you all the best at achieving your goals, but shit, you don't need well-wishes, you are obviously a spitfire of a woman and will accomplish whatever you set your mind to!

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