Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 4: I Eat Detectives for Breakfast

Oops! Sorry this is so late. We were out until the Wee Small last night - my makeup was melted and I was tired of my girdle when I got home - I went straight to bed!

The 1940s is really my "home" era for style - it is just what I'm most comfortable in. Collegiate, to Kate Hepburn casual, to noir femme fatale. For evenings, I love the reserved glamour of a high-necked evening dress that has defined curves, but no exposed skin. It's the uniform attire of the 1940's Black Widow.

1940s Sophistication

(P.S. YES - I know. It's terrible, I need a good camera. All in good time, my pretties.)

The hat has a chiffon chin strap, and although it looks somewhat awkward here - I see it had slipped slightly - I like it best worn forward and slightly to the side. What you can't see is the attached matching black chiffon snood. Yes, I love it.

Absolutely deadly hat

Stunning Glass Beaded Detail

Dressed like this, of course one is headed out for cocktails. My partner in crime? "The Other Vintage Julie" in Portland. We have remarkably similar tastes. She's recently lost a lot of weight, and is wearing the size I'm aiming for! Here she is in one of my dresses that I just can't wait to wear again. It's navy rayon with white pique, and I've owned it for the better half of a decade. I'll never, ever sell it.

1940s Nautical

The background is the lobby of the Hotel Deluxe, outside the Driftwood Room where we were decadently spoiled, as always, by the incredibly talented bartender Mike. If you come through Portland, stop in for a drink. The atmosphere and service are impeccable.

Dress: Ray's Ragtime
Hat: Flea Market
Bracelet: 1940s Mexican silver, estate sale purchase
Gloves: Thrift store find
Shoes: Thrift store find

Navy Blue Dress: The Urban Eccentric


  1. Guh! That dress is too amazing for words! I still have yet to make it Hotel Deluxe except for the time when viewing possible wedding venues. I really need to go!

  2. Both dresses are amazing!!!I love the one the other Julie is wearing and don't blame you for never ever wanting to sell it.

  3. You both look gorgeous. And since Portlandia came on TV over here, I've had a yen to go and visit!

  4. MrsC, I promise Portland is ten times better than Portlandia could ever satirize - the skits go just a little too far over the top (in my opinion) to capture the real mood of the city. The most spot-on piece Portlandia ever did was the initial YouTube promo/campaign video "The Dream of the 90s."

    I should know. After all, I'm a vintage seller dating an acrobat.


  5. Dear Julie,

    Sorry, I moved to Iceland today and took that dress with me.


  6. Oh that hat! And that dress! You look fantastic... even at the end of the night.

  7. The whole outfit is just gorgeous and your hat is divine.

  8. Great outfit...l really love your hat and the draped stole....

    Leah x