Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 15: Fancy Hair on Casual Day

So, since I've been on sort of a good-hair streak, I decided to have a hair practice day. After all, it's never advisable to try out a complicated style for the first time when you're prepping for a big event. This style is one that was done on me some time ago by a talented vintage hairstylist in town, and I could never replicate it. I finally got it! (Well, almost.) I'm pretty happy with it. It's fuzzy, but hey, this is practice day - I wasn't as concerned with smoothing as with getting the structure down.

This is a pretty standard daily look for me. I'll admit, I'm not out to impress you - this is just a journal, and this is what I'm comfortable in. It's the same gab dress from Day 1, paired with a 49'er. This particular 49'er has a brooch that lives on it - a circus theme novelty brooch. A gift from a friend, of course! I'd thought it was Lisa, but it was Kim of Jitterbuggin'. There's just so much vintage gifting in this town! (And vintage trading, etc.)

As for my hair - I'm 92% happy. When I do this for an event, I'll tease the hair on the left a little more, to balance the fullness of the individual curls. And of course, I'll tame the frizz!

Forgive the awkward background, we haven't started to edit the front yard - there's still too much rainy weather to start digging into yardwork! Especially since I particularly hate it. But hey, gardening DOES burn a lot of calories!

One of you asked for more specifics on my current workout routine. It is more intense, of course, than it might be if I didn't have to put my body in a two piece swimsuit in 7 weeks. ;)

1. Leg Press, 180lbs, sets of 12, 10, 8 and 6. One of the things I *do* like about myself is that I'm naturally sort of strong, so getting in shape shouldn't be a horrible trial.
2. Rowing machine OR stair climber, for 15 minutes. Moderate setting, but enough to get me sweating and raise my heart rate. Usually close to a 4 on the rowing machine, or 6 on the stairs.
3. On "A" days, I do leg machines. On "B" days, I do upper body. In contrast to my strong legs, I can only do about 30 pounds on the shoulder fly or shoulder press.
4. Alternating with machines (gee, thanks Sarah) I have ab work. I hate abs, it's hard. It's 100 tiny crunches, then 15 bicycles, and 15 scissors. This ab routine is courtesy of the teeny miss Stutterin' Mama, so you KNOW it works.
5. One hour of cardio, moderate. The machine says this burns about 425 calories at my current weight. I'm sort of skeptical of that, but it IS work, for sure.
6. My least favorite part - stretching. I totally skimp on this, even though I shouldn't.

Okay.... now it is time to leave for that. Where does the day go? My house is only 50% clean, and nothing got listed today. I'll admit that balancing work, weightloss, blogging and life is turning out to be one of the challenges of this challenge!


  1. This is my favourite look so far! Amazing hair!

  2. Oh I shall never tire of 49'ers! Love the outfit!!

  3. Miss Julie!!!

    I am SO proud of you for taking on this challenge, not only for inventing new looks everyday, but also the intense (and not always very fun) challenge of working out! You are going to do fabulous, even though you already DO look fabulous! Please do throw in a little blurb about how you style your hair in those fabulous curls/rolls! I have ONE style that I can do with mine, and that style is pretty much how my hair always looks (unless I have someone else do it OR I wear a head wrap or snood.) I need to take more time for practice days on my hair!

    Anyway - keep up the good work, my dear! I can't wait to finally meet you (hopefully this summer!) Hugs!!! ~Kirstin~

  4. you can never go wrong with 49'ers AND the brooch is super freaking cute!

  5. Nice freakin hair lady! Wow! Nope, brooch is not from me. Cute tho!

  6. You look amazing

  7. Your hair style is amazing! I would love it if you could provide some hints and tips for how you do your fabulous hair styles as I need all the advice I can get!

  8. I'm thinking we need a skincare tutorial sometime. Your magnolia complexion is dreamy! (I'm guessing it helps to have grown up in the PacNW, instead of being bombarded by California death rays for three decades.) Great hair -- I'd kill for my natch curls to smooth out so they'd be that "frizzy," hee hee.

  9. Love your hair like this! It's darling. It sounds like you have a wonderful work out routine going. I need to get back in the gym, I miss my spin classes.


  10. It wasn't Lisa that gave you that brooch....... ;-)

  11. Oh gosh! I'm so sorry, Kim! I'll fix that right away. I just couldn't remember. THANK YOU.

  12. I can't remember if you said it already but how many days per week are you working out? Great bloggin' and keep up the great work!!