Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 11: Beautiful Browns and NEW SHOES!

So, I haven't been good about charging my little camera's battery at night, and yesterday it died on me! I managed to snag just two pics with that camera, so my apologies for the lack of detail shots. Also, this morning's post is sort of two posts in one, so bear with me! Fashion first, then weight-talk.

Would you ever believe that the camel colored wool gabardine circle skirt below is NEW - from the SPIEGEL catalogue? I bought it out thrifting, and it's so perfect in shape, weight and length that sometimes I double-check the label myself. I'm thinking about putting a metal zipper in it, to replace the stupid invisible zipper. I bought it, of course, because almost nothing I own fits me right now. But I'll probably have it taken in, and keep it long-term.

Now, some silly person told me, when I was quite young, that I was a WINTER and couldn't wear browns. No, all jewel tones and black for me. Well, I love jewel tones and black, and wear a lot of them. But I also love brown. I like the coordination with my hair and eyes, and feel that the look is fairly warm and inviting on me. Oh, those silly 1980s color chart rules!

On another note, I got my new Naya "Jada" shoes yesterday (wow, that was fast!) and so the brown outfit is really inspired by the fact that I can never wait to wear something new. I'm very happy with them, although I wonder if I should have gotten the Wide width after all - they'll need just a little stretching to be perfectly comfortable across the top of the vamp. But they came with an extra set of those darling satin laces! They were $51.95 (shipped!) after a $10 off coupon at Shoebuy here.

These shoes caused a pretty big stir on the fan page, and I got SO many compliments on them! I think I might go get them in black, too. They're just plain cute.

I finally got instagram. This darker setting on it helped hide the fact that my pretty curls got rained on.

So! Another topic completely. A number of you have expressed some concern about my 50 pound weight loss goal. I thought I'd try to explain where I got that number, and why I'm working so hard to get into the best shape I've been in as an adult.

I hope that helps clarify that I'm not setting an unrealistic or unhealthy goal. I'm the girl who researches until her eyes bleed, and I feel good about this choice! As to you (absolutely wonderful!!!) ladies asking where those 50 pounds are going to come from ... well, everywhere. I feel very lucky in that when I gain weight, I gain it very evenly. I am definitely sort of "rolly" when seen out of my clothes, but with clothes on, I look so very proportionate - I'm not an apple, or a pear, or top heavy. The fat goes everywhere, so it (sort of) minimizes the impact on my waistline. I deeply appreciate this fact, but it is part of why I've been able to be lazy, and get to the point where hundreds (thousands?) of dollars of fabulous vintage clothing in my closet DOESN'T FIT.

Another part of this, is that I've gained 30-35 of those pounds VERY recently. As in, over the last year and a third. Oh gee, thank you, wonderfully happy, blissfully decadent relationship! This is me, December 2010.... I sort of hate to reveal one of my 365 outfits early, since I love these pieces together, and know I'll be wearing it again. The pants are a tight 30" waist, and I'm only aiming for a couple inches smaller than that. Which would be good for keeping these pants long term - the previous owner nearly blew out the crotch, and I wear them pretty gingerly. They need to be taken in in order to make them staunch again.

So, there you have it. I really, truly appreciate the concern, support, advice, and encouraging words. That's why I'm doing this! I've been fighting with up and downs in my weight for the last couple of years, and I know that this is the best way for me to lose it slowly and healthfully, and keep it off. And fit back into ALL my pretty things, some of which haven't graced this body for gosh, three or four years!

Brown blouse: 1950's Ship 'N' Shore, purchased deadstock at a thrift store a million years ago
Skirt: Newish (modern) from Spiegel, purchased thrifting
Shoes: Naya "Jada" at
Bakelite: Four various, and two gifts from Jesse
I'll credit the western outfit when I can finally wear it again!


  1. I think 135 lbs is a very safe goal for you. I'm 5'4" and it's my goal too. The western outfit is darling and I can't wait to see you in it!

  2. I don't think your weight goal is unreasonable and your measurements aren't either. In 2010 I began my weight loss journey and I've dealt with my weight my entire teen years and early adult life. It's hard, but it's so good to be determined.

  3. Go for it! I don't think your goal is unreasonable at all. I'm trying to get down to 135 (at least!) myself, and I'm 5'6", so I think you're being totally realistic.

  4. This is amazing and I am so proud of you for publicly displaying your progress and inspiring others.

  5. Can't wait to see all the clothes, Julie! Best of luck to you on this adventure!

  6. I love your new shoes & agree, that Spiegel skirt is timeless. Plus, you SO can rock the chocolates and tans. Your goal weight is healthy, especially since you are taking a year to get there and achieving the loss through healthy means. I'm 5'4", and have a good idea what various weights look like, especially in someone that gains in a proportional way. 135 is a healthy weight that will still keep your fabulous, vintage-filling curves intact.

  7. I am somewhere in-between 64-65 inches and 135 is a perfectly acceptable weight on me. Well, it was the last time I saw it! ;) I'm 147 now and need to lose some to get into a wedding dress I purchased, otherwise I'm pretty content at this weight too. Best of luck in your weight loss adventures!

  8. you look great. Those shoes are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

  9. Loving reading about your goals and seeing your fabulous vintage collecton along the way. Good luck! xx Fran

  10. I think you look adorable just as you are now, but I understand the frustration of not being able to wear your pretty clothes or feeling uncomfortable in your skin. I too was one who thought 50 lbs was probably too much...but that's really none of my business either! You'll find the right number for you. Just remember the BMI system itself is very, very flawed. As long as you don't treat it (or the 135) as a do or die option, then you'll find your perfect weight. It may surprise you where you end up finding your happiest, healthiest weight.

  11. Love the outfit! And funny that you mentioned that someone told you you shouldn't wear brown. I was just envying you your ivory and rose complexion, and how you just glow in brown.

    Good luck with your weight loss. I'm sure you've considered it and will be doing it in a very healthy way!

  12. Thanks for all these honest posts. A lot of blogs present people as overly fabulous all the time and it is refreshing to have a blogger who presents a more realistic picture of life. I am doing my Phd at the moment so have gained weight due to eating too much chocolate and no exercise. Like you it is getting me down a bit as I have soooo many clothes in my wardrobe that no longer fit me. You have inspired me to get back into shape. thank you!

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