Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 3: The Other Half of the Challenge + Turban Madness

Day 3 is really the official start of the "50 lbs" part of the challenge. "K" wrote me yesterday, and asked me to share what weight I'm starting from. Yes, I need to do that - thanks for keeping me honest. Okay... here it goes... (ouch) 185. There, I said it. I even put it in bold so you can't miss it. So, my goal weight is 135 at the end of one year. That's safe, steady, slow weight loss. I'll post my weight and what the waist size is on the dresses I'm wearing week by week starting in a couple weeks.

Ankeny Pants from Jitterbuggin

I've had to write myself a schedule in order to ensure that I actually get to the gym. I feel pretty clever about it - 6 days on, 1 off, and arranged to allow me to get two days out of each hair set.

Obviously, I'm not nearly as stylish at the gym.I think it is one of the reasons that I hate to go. There was supposed to be a photo of my folded gym clothes here, but they aren't out of the dryer yet.

I knew in advance today would be a turban day. I really, really REALLY love turbans. And I was just too inspired by this amazing photograph from the Kyoto Costume Institute. There are details on the individual pieces here.

Kyoto Institute Turbans

I am working on coming up with some way to mimic or even recreate this look, but for today - I'm in daywear! Still, I wanted something BIG. This is a large square 1950s Mexican tourist scarf paired with a 1930s silk charmeuse oblong solid. It ended up being a little trickier than I planned to tie, but I LOVE the result.

1940s Scarf Turban

1940s Scarf Turbans

A note on the pants - they are Jitterbuggin' productions, made by a lovely and stylish gal right here in Portland, OR. I own six pairs, and I'll be honest - you'll see a lot of them, paired with different blouses, hairstyles and accessories. If she had twenty fabric options, I'd own one of each! They're my go-to day wear for comfort and style combined. This style/color actually appears to be on sale right now, too!

Bakelite Cherry Neckace

The famous Bakelite cherry necklace is actually a damaged bracelet that I purchased for $10 at a garage sale when I was 16 or 17, and did all my garage-saling on foot. (I know, hardcore, right?) I added some extra chain, and wear it with high necklines that just show a little peek-a-boo of the cherries.

Pants: Jitterbuggin'
Rayon blouse: Lost in the sands of time. I have no memory of buying it.
Shoes: ReMix  from Top Stitch Vintage
Scarves: Estate Sale purchases
Bakelite Necklace: Garage Sale find


  1. Love this outfit, especially the pants! I've always wondered how they really fit, and they look fantastic. I may have to save up for a pair myself. You should let us know your gym routine! I'm always interested in knowing what are other peoples favorite exercises or if they go to classes. I always love spin class.


  2. Oh I love this one! Such a fun outfit! The shoes are fantastic! I love the scarf too!!!

  3. By golly, am I right there with you!! I have vintage dresses I bought when I was skinnier but still couldn't quite wear thinking "I will lose a few pounds and this will fit perfectly..", until I ballooned from 150 to 185 in 3 months! (I changed birth control methods and the weight snuck up on me.) I started going to the gym and doing home workouts recently ( and videos on netflix-- crunch has a good line on watch instantly that are effective), along with cutting out sodium, scaling back my alcohol intake, and eating better and lost 5 pounds in the first week and a half. I am now 175, 34" waist, and fitting into my dresses one at a time. You can do it and I will keep up on your efforts and check in with mine as well.. Good luck, doll!

  4. Love your shoes!I totally have faith you can drop the weight by the end of the year!Good luck!

  5. Love this outfit! I totally hear you on the gym thing. I hate looking frumpy and getting all sweaty. You just have to do it though... Best of luck with the gym. You can do it!

  6. Beautiful! Ooo I love turbans too. In fact I have my hair wrapped up in one today. I usually wrap a scarf up into a turban on those days when I'm doing work at home and can't be bothered washing my fringe (which needs to be washed everyday... major drag!)

  7. Here is my secret to lose weight:

    I was 168lbs about 3 years ago and now about 145... and without doing any gym!!! I hate that too...

    They are so many "bad " food in the US. I cannot believe the size of soft drinks. Large size in fast foods in the USA is 40oz and in France it's 17oz!!! When we were in restaurants last week we usually eat only one time in a day because the meals were so huge!!!! I love french fries fries but I'm now happy to be able to enjoy again my homemade french cuisine....