Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 9: The 49'er (Well, one of them anyway)

The weather, as expected, did not stay sunny. No, it's back to Business as Usual here in Portland. But that means there's still a little more time for wearing my 49ers during the day.

Neither can a woman! I haven't counted my 49'ers, but I think I have 25 or 30 of them. Maybe more. Guaranteed that you'll see EVERY SINGLE ONE before this project is done! They're a vintage gal's essential casual garment, the last word in plaid. This is one of my favorites.

Pendleton, pendleton 49'er, pendleton 49er

Pendleton, pendleton 49'er, pendleton 49er

Pendleton, pendleton 49'er, pendleton 49er  

This particular jacket is "home" to one of my most treasured pieces of jewelry - my carved Bakelite rose brooch.

bakelite pin, bakelite brooch, carved bakelite

This brooch is a gift, from someone that I didn't (and don't!) know. To be honest, I don't even remember his name. A few years back, he called me, saying he'd gotten my name from a friend, had been told that I bought vintage - he had a 1970s men's YSL suit to sell me. I told him that I really couldn't use it, that the sort of suit he had was outside my range of knowledge or what I normally carry. But he was so sincere, he said he'd been the ladies' favorite in it, and he wanted to pass it on. So I went out to look at it. I was wearing this dress. I didn't want it. He finally forced me to simply take it, asking me to give it to someone who would wear it. I say it would, and drove away. He called when I was a few blocks away, and asked me to come back.

When I parked, he was running up to the car to meet me - I'd barely gotten out of the door. He held this brooch in his hands, and said that he'd noticed my bakelite bracelets, and the rose print on my dress. That it had belonged to his mother, he had only sons, and he wanted me to have it. I was stunned, but could not help but accept. I assured him that I would NEVER, EVER sell it. And I never will. 

49'er: Estate sale? Thrift store? Gift from a friend... I have so many...
Pants: Ray's Ragtime
Shoes: ReMix - who would have ever thought green shoes would be so darn handy? Purchased from Top Stitch Vintage
Bakelite brooch: gift
40's chiffon scarf: Estate sale


  1. I love that you're doing this and envy your courage for sharing it in such a public and inspirational way!

  2. That's such a great story! Love it, and the outfit!

  3. I can't resist a '49'er either. However I'm only at three.

  4. I'm a huge 49'ers fan (the jackets obviously not the sports team)that Bakelite brooch story is great!

  5. Love you wedges and brooch!!! ;)

  6. I love that you are blogging more!

    Love the 49er and brooch.