Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 12: Giveaway Winner and the "Junk" Sale!

The winner of the fun make-up goodies giveaway is Betty Boogie! Send me an email at with your shipping information and I'll send it right out to you.

Yesterday was quite entirely fabulous. Despite the fact that I measured something like 40 garments (oh, work, work, work) I managed to get in a long workout, and pull together an ensemble for evening shopping at an event they called a "Junk Sale." Lisa won tickets, so we didn't even have to pay for admission!

Best junk sale of my life. I won't give away what I bought for the shop, but here's what I bought for me.

You're seeing the hat from the back. I can't wait to wear it! It's AMAZING. I paid "amazing" for it - for both pieces, actually, but I expect that these days. When you've collected so long, you really only buy the best, or things that call to you so you just CAN'T pass them up, things that are so you that the price doesn't *really* matter.

We SHOULD have taken photos when we first got there, but that just didn't happen - it was too distracting, a full on antique show. So my photos are taken after taking my hat on and off, messing up my hair and pulling my gloves on and off two or three times. Whew! Above is the dear lady who sold me that fantastic hat!

I know, these photos came out horribly grainy - we have a New Camera on the shopping list for next week. It just has to happen!

My Faryl Robin shoes actually inspired the outfit.

Some things to note about this outfit - this dress is actually photographed for the shop, but it is just SUPER as-is. Still, I love the red-orange color. It has fade and repairs and a broken button. I just have never been a stickler for condition with my personal wardrobe. If I like it, I wear it. Period.

The hat - oh, that hat! is from Chatham Girl, known as Zara Carpenter (the name of the milliner) on Etsy. She's just amazing - you need to check out her incredible shop. Be sure to browse her sold items, her finest pieces go fast when she releases a new collection.

Hat: Zara Carpenter/Chatham Girl
Dress: 1940s rayon, Lot purchase, will be listed in the shop
Necklace: Origin lost to time, had it for years. It's like candy.
Scarf: 1940s, gift from Lisa
Gloves: 1940s, rayon jersey, antique store find
Bakelite: Various, including a new Dombek piece
Shoes: Faryl Robin 2008 summer collection, which was vintage-gasmic.
Purse: um, dumpster diving. Ahem.
P.S. (Yeah, I've been skipping stockings recently. My legs are too large for my vintage ones right now.)


  1. love love love all the color! you look gorgeous! and those shoes are to die for. i'm having major shoe jealousy right now. :)

  2. This outfit is beautiful! LOVE the shoes!

  3. Oh good lord! That must be the best hat I have ever seen!!

  4. I like your personal attitude in regards to your own wardrobe!
    I'm also loving your outfit posts.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. Well, actually going stockingless is accurate to the 40's since the silk was rationed. Personally I hate hose and during the summer {heck and most other times} I try to go stockingless. As soon as I put it on or by the time I take them off there is either a snag or a rip. :-/

  6. Oh thanks for randomly picking me! :-) I just emailed you. It looks like such a fun junk sale you went to. And you look adorable as always! :-)

    Betty Boogie (aka. Vanessa)

  7. am with you on that "condition' thing, the small flaws do not matter to me at all!! fabulous shoes. really.

  8. Hi Julie! I received the package you sent and it's Amazing!! Those glasses are so clever, the lipstick applicator is quite funny, I haven't actually tried to apply lipstick with it yet but I'll let you know how it goes if I do. And of course the MAC Lipstick is Awesome!!