Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 14: Gold Lamé and Two-Day Hair

I'm putting up this post while Jesse does his own finishing touches before we head out for our Sunday evening engagement. Cocktails on Sunday evening may not be diet-friendly, but we can't resist the invitation to try out a friend's mixing skills - so instead, we are learning to be champions of moderation.

P.S. To head off the inevitable question, YES, I will sell this dress when it doesn't fit anymore!

1950s gold lamé dress, 50s gold dress, 50s bombshell dress

This stunning gold lamé dress was purchased from Jumblelaya just before Viva Las Vegas. But then, with all the slimmer girls running around in THEIR gold lamé dresses, I chickened out on wearing it! I should have anyway - I like the way it works on me. I just paired it with this gold cumberbund I picked up today from my favorite wholesaler. A friend just recently reminded me that this style isn't really ME - and it is true, a 50's bombshell is not my "homebase" look. But it sure is fun to play sometimes! Please excuse the fuzziness, the camera just gets worse every day!

My most treasured (and versatile) piece of non-Bakelite plastic - my gold and silver confetti Lucite bangle.

Getting THIS dolled up to go out was really inspired by the fact that I managed to get a second day out of last night's hairstyle. In the close-ups now, I can see a little laydown that I don't really notice in the mirror so much, but I'm still entirely pleased with it. This is nine top rolls, two side rolls, and a twist back.

I'm wearing a lighter makeup base tonight, mostly because my skin needs a rest from my pancake! I'm used to letting it have more time off than this, and am going to have to look into a new skin care routine since I'm being more regular about full make-up application!

To save your style - comb down any frizzing, and re-spray well. Let the hairspray dry. Wrap head with a with a silk scarf, lightly, twisted on the forehead below the hairline, and tied at the nape of the neck. Sleep on your back, if you can!

Dress: Purchased from the utterly wonderful Jennifer of Jumblelaya
Shoes: Faryl Robin, from the Fall 2009 collection - but bought thrifting
Bracelet: Trade at an antique show
Necklace: Found by Lisa some years back
Earrings: Same
Cumberbund: I can't tell you, but she's awesome! 


  1. That looks amazing! Shotgun the dress!
    Also, loving your blog. I'm doing a similar outfit challenge on my blog for charity - not buying any new clothes for a year, but wearing something new every day. It's tough.

  2. Wow! Completely gorgeous! Meow!!!!

  3. Woowoo, so glad to see the dress in action! Heart the bangle and shoes, too.