Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 2 of 365: Out to Lunch with Lisa

Day 2 included a sushi lunch date with my friend and long-time vintage partner-in-crime, Lisa. We started at Pop Up Shoppe on NW 23rd - it has been open for sometime now, but I hadn't managed to make it in. Okay, "for some time" turns out to be since 2008, but I'm so used to my regular haunts that it takes a while for me to try someplace new.

I have found over time that most vintage gals come in pairs of shopping buddies. When collecting became full-time for me, Lisa was the gal who hunted dark thrift stores and crowded estate sales with me. During what we affectionately call "The Salad Days" we were both selling media online - the economy was good, and the competition for vintage was low. We went out every Sunday on a vintage time warp, and came back with carloads of goodies. We both had VERY impressive wardrobes. Many of the pieces I bought during that time are what I'm working to fit back into now!

Julie and Lisa before heading out shopping, 2005

Lisa took all the outfit photos today, so all the details were captured! Maybe my favorite thing about the whole ensemble is what you don't see - the cherry print lining in the dress, that only peeks through the eyelet outer layer. Eeks! So cute. We used to have "Christmas" nearly every other Sunday, gifting things we'd found for the other through the week. The bow earrings and blue purse were both gifts from Lisa.

Darling sleeve detail

Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Necklace

Faryl Robin Shoes from the 2008 collection

1950s Cherry Print Lining

Two days down, 363 days, 50lbs and 6" at the waist to go.

Dress: Recently purchased at Magpie
Hat: Borrowed from my own inventory! It's for sale here
Shoes: Faryl Robin - I wish I'd bought five pairs, I'm sad in advance for them wearing out (I know they will.)
Purse and Earrings: Gifts from Lisa
Necklace: Gift
Umbrella: Purchased in a lot
Gloves: Estate sale purchase


  1. The shoulder detail on that is darling!And awe...salad days,those are missed.

  2. i love your dress, julie! The cherry print is killing me! I've never seen an eyelet over a pattern before. I love that!

  3. ooh the sleeve is rather gorgeous isn't it! I have just started following your challenge, such a great idea...
    looking forward to tomorrows one!

  4. That is an incredible dress! The cherry lining is lovely. I'm going to have keep that eyelet over print idea in mind for a skirt or dress. The whole outfit is fabulous on you!

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