Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Catchup, Catchup, Monday, Tuesday. Days #50 and #51

I'm so behind. As I said in my last little "placeholder" post I've been working REALLY hard to catch up with getting backstock listed, and it broke my rhythm! Sunday I spent all day working at the computer in a glamour robe, but I guess we missed taking a photo. I'm not sure if I should just take pics in it to make up, or add a day to the end - it's my blog, I guess, and I make the rules, but I sort of feel bad! So, I've been putting off putting up other outfits, and that's silly.

Here's Monday - the only time I got out the door was to go to the grocery store, but at least I looked cute!

This sweater is one of my FAVORITES. Strangely, I unsure where I bought it. Usually, I remember. But this sweater has really had a life of its own in my closet. It is Permanent Collection, and will fall off my body from threadbare use before I'd ever sell it.

Sometimes, complicated looking turbans just happen - I just grabbed the plaid silk tie (meant to be worn at the neck, I think) on a whim. I LOVE IT.

And Tuesday - I LOVE this dress! I don't want to ever have to sell it - I am seriously thinking about taking it in. I bought it for mere cents, literally - less than a dollar. When will I ever get lucky enough to find a war era dress that fits me for that price again??

The label is "Lady Alice of California." Eeeks! Side snap closure with fabric behind that will never leave you embarrassed should the snaps pop. Such a clever design!

Simple turban for a busy day

1930s homemade plaid wool skirt: Goodwill
Boucle sweater: I believe Bombshell Vintage
All scarves: Estates or thrifted
Dress: Goodwill Bins. Yes, really.
Shoes: Delman, bought on ebay for probably 100 times the price of the dress.


  1. The light blue dress is amazing, and I'd LOVE to know how you made that turban! Your posts have given me more confidence to experiment with scarves as hats.

    1. Hi Frances! Which of the two turbans did you want a how-to for?

    2. Oh wow, I was unclear! I'd love to know how to make the complicated-looking red one with the nifty little tie.

  2. The print on the blue dress is so pretty!