Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 55: Out for an Outing. The hat says it all.

First off - gals, I am having real problems with consistency! I am so sorry. I am going to tack days onto the end of the year for outfits - I don't see another solution. Somehow, we just forgot to photograph Friday's outfit, and makeups seem like cheating. Friday was SUPER busy, one thing after nothing, all the way to getting home at 1am. Also, if I don't post a blog - I probably didn't get to the gym. It's frustrating.

Saturday, however, was another story entirely. A film student came up to do a film on vintage lifestyle. Janey of Atomic Redhead organized the day - you can read about it on her blog soon, I'm sure. Solanah took all the photos - you can tell!

Anyway, I felt the need to dress to impress.

A really grand outfit is more than just a striking dress, or blouse, or hat. It is made in the details. Like a coat that wears on one's shoulders, or a massive novelty brooch.

... or a blouse with a bow....

... or a statement handbag...

... or a unique use of veiling.

Or heck, all of the above. That's my style!

1940s wrap skirt (what a cheat, it actually doesn't fit yet): Bombshell Vintage
Late 1930s Novelty Blouse: Mystery Mister in San Francisco
Late 1930s Hat: Vintage Blue Moon, at the Santa Monica Vintage Expo
Handbag: Antique store in Las Vegas
Shoes: Faryl Robin, at Goodwill
Brooch: Magpie
Coat: Goodwill, I THINK
Vintage stockings (which were sagging at the end of the day) Goodwill bins

Hopefully, this outfit will answer the question I've now gotten a few times - don't you EVER buy your clothing retail? I do, I just haven't for a long time, because of weight gain. I haven't wanted to invest in being the size I'm at. A lot of my smaller sizes and hats, and more impressive accessories were purchased retail.


  1. Wowee, that is one fancy hat. But it is the brooch I am in love with most :)

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

    1. I won't fib to you, that brooch is one of my all-time favorite things. I'm even 1/4 Native American, so I can get away with it, should anyone too PC call me out.

  2. Love the blouse. Just fabulous color.

  3. that pin is incredible!
    looking good lady!

  4. Fabulous outfit, the brooch is divine!

  5. What an unforgettably stellar, sophisticated, amazingly lovely outfit. Inspired, my dear, so very, very inspired!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. OMFG Julie! That BROOCH! There are no words. I just... can't. Lookin amazing!!

    1. Oh, Sarah, thank you! I am so sorry that I had to work straight through your visiting day. I promise I'll make up for it at some point!