Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 46: Last Thursday on Alberta

So, I'm running way, way behind on getting my posts up. I'm so sorry! Life (and business) became unexpectedly busy.

On Thursday, we went down to enjoy Last Thursday on Alberta, a monthly community festival, chock full of Portlandness.

I learned a couple of important lessons that night.

1. It is very difficult for a man on stilts to hold still enough to take clear photographs

2. It is impossible - not matter how dazzling one may be dressed - to compete with the man on stilts (standing 9'3")

Something that I already knew is that it is a very long reach to hold hands.

This adorable monkey was just amazed by Jesse and his stilts. We had to get a photo.

The skirt? Another AMAZING reproduction, randomly picked up at Goodwill. I wore it at Burning Man last year, it's so convincing.

That's all for now -I'm running! Day 47 and 48 very, very soon.

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