Saturday, June 16, 2012

Days 60 and 61. Work, work, work. What I wear when I don't leave the house

Let's face it. It's hard to put together a finished ensemble when you don't plan to leave the house.

Thursday and Friday I buckled down to list 40 items each day. I did it, too!

Thursday, I picked this cross between a holomuu and muu muu - it's fitted to about the waist, but frees up around the hips. Another one that didn't sell in the shop, and I kept it instead of putting it on sale. It is REALLY comfy.

Friday, I was an utter bum, as far as clothing went. I worked like a maniac for the morning, got dressed in workout gear to take a 32 bike ride, and went right back to being a bum again after my show. At least it is pretty stylish to be a bum around here. This is one of my favorite rayon dressing gowns. Jesse's favorite, too, as the front tends to fall open fairly wide (hence the funny pose.) As you can see, I heat set my hair yesterday while I working.

I love these sleeves!

And the COLORS in this print! And the little bit of shirring.

Thursday's Dress: Vintage Buy the Pound, San Francisco
Friday's Dressing Gown: The Goodwill Bins. (Oh hell yeah! I found three stellar things one day - the palm tree dress, this, and a 30s set I don't fit yet, kept it ALL for me!)

To make up for schlepping around, I really put a little effort into today's outfit/tomorrow's post!


  1. Oh wow. Even when you claim to have not put in any effort, you still look amazing. I love that dressing gown, so, so much more glamorous than the furry things they sell in the chain stores. I would actually answer the door and check the mail in that one, instead of frantically rushing to throw on something decent when someone knocks.
    Beutiful colours and pattern too. Wow.

  2. I adore the dressing gown!The first dress has a great print!

  3. Love both of these! I know what you mean about getting dressed up when you're just staying home...the dressing gown is the perfect option! I need to make more of those! What great finds!

  4. I love the second dress véry much! I love getting dressed up indoors as well :)

  5. I utterly adore paisley, especially when you can find it in a pre-swinging 60s garment like fantastic dressing gown (nothing against the 60s etc, of course, it's just that since I wear 40s and 50s garments, I'm always on the prowl for paisley print pieces from those decades).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I love this- I have an outfit a day post thing happening on my blog and often my outfit is my pjs - but they are nowhere near as lovely as yours!