Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 64: Monday's Retro Style

Okay, so wearing an outfit that is all "retro" is pretty uncommon for me. But we mostly stayed at home, and worked in the very muddy garden, so I wanted something washable.

We picked out seeds that we still had time to plant at Home Depot. I hate that place! Talk about a fish out of water.

I love the dress because it is a cotton wrap, 50s style, and super wearable, comfortable and washable. The shoes aren't exactly right for any one era, but they're a great color.

Add Bakelite, my favorite vintage purse, and you've got an outfit.

Repro stuff: Goodwills
Purse: Estate lot
Bakelite: Various


  1. Very cute and classic girl-next-door look, regardless of era. The print's stripe placement and the cut of the dress are so flattering. I bet you knocked the patrons of the big box on their bee-hinds.

  2. I adore that dress! The little blue and white flowers are really lovely.
    I am actually rather fond of hardware stores since I used to go with my dad when I was little, but it does confuse the employees when someone with curls and high heels is perusing the power tools.

    1. My distaste for the Home Depot is mostly specific to that chain, and not all hardware stores. I like the little neighborhood hardware stores, but frankly, this ugly big box with possibly the most awful employees of any location is just that much closer and more convenient.

  3. you look radiant in these photos! I'll bet you were the best dressed person at Home Depot!

  4. Blue and black is a favourite colour combo of mine, too, and one I've been sporting a lot this year. I just love this outfit - especially the shimmery purse and cute comb (barrette?) in your hair,

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I love the dress on you - You look fantastic! Loving the shoes too!

  6. Where did you get those fabulous shoes??