Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 48: Saturday Hosting and Borrowing from the Shop

You've probably noticed how behind I've gotten on the blog. I'm sorry! Jesse has been working hard to help solve my storage issue for inventory, and now with more feet of rack space, I've been in high-volume listing processing mode.

 (Wow, I really should have de-linted the hat. Of course, I didn't go anywhere, so....)

This past Saturday, I'd had plans for a garden party, and did in fact pull my outfit together. But I won't show you that outfit, I have to save it. You see, instead of making it to the garden party, I instead had the honor of hosting a long time customer. Thank you for a lovely afternoon!

When that was all done, I had to pull together something else, and fast! I'd been tempted to keep this adorable 30s dress, from the rack of new items to list.

I'd measured it, and knew it had a 34" waist. Perfect fit, right? Well, it is, for 30s, but I'll tell you - when I started this project, 34" waist 1950s garments fit me snugly. And now look! This 30s dress doesn't even have CLOSURES. I could literally feel how loosely fitted it was at the sides, which was really exciting. Although kind of sad, because I really, really love the dress.

I sort of accidentally stole one of Solanah's poses that she uses on our shoots. I don't really have anyone else to help me figure out how to model this stuff!

Dress: Fab Gabs! You can buy it here
Hat: Mystery Mister (at their brick and mortar)
Shoes: Chelsea Crew "Alexa"


  1. What an amazing hat!!!!! I feel the same I lost some weight last year and I have now a lot of my clothes that didn't fit anymore but how can I sell such lovely dresses???? I think it's easier when you are in vintage business.

  2. That's such a gorgeous dress Julie, and the hat is perfect!

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