Friday, June 8, 2012

Days #52 and #53 - For the Gals who Dressed Like Boys

This Wednesday and Thursday, my days were a mush of shopping for the store, doing back-end organizing. So even though I was getting out of the house, I wanted to feel comfortable. You know how I love my Jitterbuggin pants. So I wore them (yes, two days in a row!) and took some cues from Kate Hepburn and Garbo.

I love this sort of look. I used the same plaid neck scarf from early in the week, and actually used it at the neck. The turban isn't super masculine, but the overlook look is smart and put together. And casual, of course.

Pants: Jitterbuggin
Blouse: Bombshell Vintage?
Scarf: Estate sale
Cufflinks: Forenza! Bought at an antique show.

I was only a little men-styled on Wednesday. On Thursday, I had a buying appointment, and I went all the way!

This is a new tie of Jesse's that Sarah of Stutterin' Mama found for him. 

Can you get away with being cut over a rootbeer float when you're very smartly put together? Maybe. I think Jesse looks more put together than me! Sorry for the lack of lipstick. It was already gone when we finally got a break in the rain. 

Hat: Goodwill
40s Peaked Label Jacket: Goodwill
Dickie: Estate Sale
Tie: Antique Show
Shoes: Antiques by the Bay

IN OTHER NEWS! We are going to Burning Man! We didn't think we would make it! Tickets are impossible to get this year, but a campmate came through for us. Yay! That means I need to be much more consistent about this project than I have been. The days I get to busy to post - I probably haven't worked out, either. And that won't work. It sucks to be heavy out in that heat! Hurray us, though, I'm excited!


  1. I am an INSANE fan of these looks! I especially can't get over that blouse in the first outfit.

  2. Wow, I love the second look, that jacket fits you wonderful, the tie is to die for, not speaking about the wonderful shoes! And the pink/burgundy/grey color combination is fab!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, that Thursday outfit is to die for! I always feel like an elephant in trousers, but you look so feminine... ENVY! xxx

  4. Okay, Jules, that Grey suit ensemble is KILLING ME!!!! I don't know whether to contnue loving you or hate you for being the owner of that fantastic ensemble! Forgive me love, I fear I shall have to do both, LOL! Amazing, Julie! You look fantastic!