Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 47: Friday Workaday

Okay, so it is a little hard for me to post down-n-dirty photos from a day I spent mostly washing dishes, hand washing vintage clothes, and scrubbing the bathroom floor.

But here you go, anyway. At least I had "first day" curls - that I didn't do anything with all day.

1950's Wrap Dress: PattiSmithWest
Shoes: Faryl Robin
Tired Eyes: Insomia and housecleaning. Ha.


  1. You even look cute when you do house work! I have been enjoying your blog a lot Julie, I am glad you are posting more. Your outfits are very inspiring and I have been utilizing more of my little forgotten pieces of my wardrobe such as my collection of lace colors, a handful of vintage slips in pale Easter egg colors that somehow got stuck in the back of a drawer plus I am utilizing more of my enormous scarf collection (I always seem to migrate to a few favorite neck scarves) the other day I was even daring enough to take one of my vintage souvenir scarves and do a turban with it! I always thought I had fun with vintage fashion but now I am even having more fun with it!

  2. Oops! That was supposed to say my collection of lace collars not colors!

  3. Well, your house-cleaning outfits are a lot snazzier than some of my regular day outfits! And I agree with Brooksie, I'm really getting inspiration to branch out in my clothing styles from seeing what you post.