Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 59: Back on Track and Yesterday's Wednesday Weigh In

As I have stated, I have really been struggling with this challenge. For the most part, it isn't the getting dressed up, it is the recording it, and the blogging, and getting to the gym. I tend to fluctuate between being very social and finding lots of reasons to dress up, and being a hermit workaholic. When I'm a workaholic, it's pretty much all I do. I even forget to eat. Which is bad, in the long run, for the waistline.

The days that I don't blog, I probably didn't get any sort of workout in either. Usually.

I'm finally back on track, but loosing focus made my number for my weigh-in a little disappointing for two full weeks. Thankfully, we are eating mostly healthfully, so there is still a loss!

Current Weight: 178.0 lbs
At Last Weigh in: 179.7
Starting Weight: 185 lbs
Weight Loss to Date: 7 lbs

It is amazing the difference that seven pounds can make. I bought two of these Jitterbuggin skirts a few weeks ago, closer to the start of the project, and purposefully bought at size down from what fit at the time. These are solidly a 32" waist with relatively slim hips for the cut. I love it in red! Going to be a favorite for as long as it fits - and then I'll buy the next size down.
Okay.... so this is what happens when you ask a boyfriend to take photo of the chest detail. Of course, I meant on the sweater!! On the plus side, this shows some good vintage bra lift and separation. 

Why keds? We left for bicycling a new little bike path near our house right after this.

Sweater: Thrift store in San Francisco
Shoes: Keds, Goodwill
Necklace: Ray's Ragtime


  1. Oh, I understand the difficulty of getting to the gym! My boyfriend and I taped a workout calendar to the fridge and are really trying to stick with it. But good on you for eating healthy anyway, that's what makes the big difference.
    I hope you find your outfit-recording mojo, your combinations really inspire me to try new things with my wardrobe.

  2. Love the bright, summery hues in this pretty outfit - and that necklace? Total vintage jewelry delightfulness!

    Wishing you a sunny, fantastic weekend!
    ♥ Jessica