Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 62: Sunny Saturday

Yesterday was lovely. I was really burnt out from the days of zombie-list product listing, and so Saturday we got out of the house for a variety of obligations, including grocery shopping at the Farmer's Market (much needed, we were down to condiments!), a birthday party, and the World Naked Bike Ride. My "outfit" for the WNBR consisted of a mini bustle skirt and gold paint. I think you'll appreciate this outfit more.

 I love this shot. Go Jesse on the flattering angle.

I own two of these 1930s caps, and sold a third. This one came from a bin of $1 hat, and even though I have the same hat in different colors, I had to keep it. 

 When I bought this 1930s day dress at the March Expo Antique show, it didn't fit, and I was mortified when I tried it on at home. The buttons wouldn't button. It pulled HARD at my gut, my butt and my thighs. I'm still not perfectly smooth at the front (and it was too hot for a girdle) but the dress buttons and wears well enough for me to be comfortable.

Dress: Decades Vintage Co, at the Expo Antique Show
Hat: Thrift Store
Shoes: Remix
Scotty Pin: Thrift Store
Ribbon: Wrapped on a package someone sent me
Cake: Not helping me fit into my pretty dresses, but really delicious.


  1. Congrats on loosing the weight!Love your Scottie brooch!

  2. I love the hat! I just found a similar one the other day and just might have to keep it after seeing how fantastic yours looked!

  3. This outfit is so cute! You look awesome!

  4. You look fantastic! I can't decide which I like more, the round sunnies (a frame shape I can't seem to pull off myself) or the ultra darling puppy brooch - like every element of this look, they're wonderful.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Cute outfit, while keeping it simple - just what you need on a summer's day!

  6. The brooch and the hat are fantastic... now where are these bike ride shots?

  7. You look fab- even before you read the bit about the fact this dress didn't quite fit you when you bought you can really tell you've lost some weight- and you are certainly looking well for it. (I hate talking about other people's weight it's so personal, but since you're quite open about it I guess its okay!) Well done!


    1. This blog is largely about weight loss, and I welcome your comments! It's the encouragement that I need. THANK YOU.

  8. oh my! your cap is divine!! xx

  9. oh god I miss cherries so much! It's winter over here and they won't be in season for at least 8 months! Boo! By the way, I think your weight loss is starting to show - keep up the good work! I admire your dedication and commitment!

  10. That dress is great, and even better that it fits now! I am so jealous of your farmers' market, I will have to seek out one around where I live. Also, I think your description of the chocolate cake is quite apt, it made me giggle a bit to read it.

  11. I've just caught up on the last 8 or so posts. I love seeing what you are wearing! Well done getting down and getting into some of your lovely treasures. I'm much inspired!

  12. That first shot is magazine-worthy! Your guy did great and you are rocking that dress. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and working so hard with all of the outfit posts.