Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 45: Every Gal Should Own a Caped Stole - and Wednesday Weigh-In

This post is late! Since we had a photoshoot yesterday, which is odd, I never got my post up. And I didn't photos til late anyway. But I feel bad about being tardy to post my weigh-in.

Current Weight: 179.7 lbs
At Last Weigh in: 181.4
Starting Weight: 185 lbs
Weight Loss to Date: 5.3 lbs
*I AM OUT OF THE 180s*
This is the slowest I've ever lost weight. I feel about 85% good about that - I know, it is much more likely to last! - but it is about 15% really frustrating. When I tried phentermine, I was sort of crazy, but the weight just MELTED off and that was fun. (It DID, of course, all come back.) Sarah has reminded me, however, how FUN it was gaining all the weight that quickly. Lots of dinners out, decadent breakfasts and many, many evenings out for cocktails. So, she's right. That sort of fun is (mostly) over. Time to work.
But speaking of fun. 

Last night, after our photoshoot, I went out for cocktails with Janey of Atomic Redhead and Solanah. This photo is courtesty of Janey - many thanks for sharing! They're be covering the evening in their blogs, so I think I can just focus on the outfit! Solanah's post is already up - go take a peek, we had so much fun! We all happen to own caped stoles. That was the whole excuse for the evening. And EVERYONE asked why we were so very dressed up. I giving silly reasons like that!

Every woman needs a gratitous accessory like this. Something you could technically live without, but the wardrobe is just so much more complete for having. 

All outfit pics courtesy of Solanah. Thank you!!

Suit: Late 1930s or war-era 40s, rayon jersey with rayon crepe. Realizing that while it "fits" without damage, it sure doesn't fit the same way it used to. Purchased at Antiques by the Bay
Shoes: Goodwill
Hat: Junk Maidens Antique Show
Fur: 1940s, racoon fur, Antique shop
Mexican silver bracelet: Estate sale (NOT cheap)
Laminate bakelite bangle: Vendor at Viva Las Vegas


  1. The whole outfit is lovely once again! Also love the capes! (make me wish it weren't so dreadfully hot here right now)

    I wanted to say too, that your weight loss posts have been a big inspiration to me too lately. My weight goes up real fast, and down real slow, I'd been feeling a little hopeless with it but reading your progress has helped me get out of that funk and into some action, and I really wanted to thank you for that.

  2. Julie, you are doing great! I know it is 15% frustrating.... But do remember that every 10 years or so, a woman's metabolism slows down, so losing weight now is going to be slower going and probably more difficult than when you lost it before. I lost 50# in three months on weight watchers when I was in my twenties.... the weight just melted off and fast! Every time I stood on the scale I was down another 5 lbs here, 7 lbs there. Of course I gained it all back. And then some. But now that I am 31 and I am trying to lose that weight again, and it is VERY slowly coming off. I have been working at it since September and have lost 26 lbs (give or take - even with that, my weight still fluctuates!) You will reach your goal if you just stick to it! Remember also that you are gaining muscle as you lift weights, and that is going to slow down the scale weight.... rely on your measurements the most. THAT is where you are going to see the numbers drop! Keep up the good work!

    Your outfit and fur are fabulous! You look great!

  3. What an awesome suit! Beautiful colors and accessorizing!

  4. That cape is simply too much to stand! I just love it.

  5. Oh goodness, that cape is phenomenal! And all three of you had such fabulous hair... sigh. Someday, I will have a fur of some sort... perhaps even a cape! At present I will settle for my rabbit-collared jacket.