Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 21: Cleaning Day Dress

Well, yesterday, I didn't get the gym after all, but I'm pretty sure I burned enough calories to make up for it - and more. Beating rugs is hard work! Yesterday and today, we've had really solid, warm sunlight, and we were well-behaved enough not to just go running off on a bike ride.

Yes, it's Spring Cleaning time.

This darling 1940s polka dot dress has become my go-to dress for cleaning day. I bought it for Burning Man last summer, a lucky find at an estate sale, and just adore it.

You're thinking - you took that to BURNING MAN? You scrub FLOORS in it? Well, yeah. And here's why:

Some gal wore this dress into the ground, but clearly really loved it - because she kept it, long after its time was up. I bet she cleaned house in it, too, and I love that.

So the arm-pits are worn thin/through. If I have to run to the store to buy laundry detergent, that's okay - no one will see it unless I start waving  my arms around. So the neckline is torn. That's okay. If the UPS guy delivers a package, I'm still twice as well dressed as all the bored college students and tired moms in their sweat pant pajamas that make up the rest of his route.

I'm a rescuer. This dress was ready for the rag pile - others would say it has nothing left to give! But I know differently, and I'll tell you, it keeps me going when I feel like the laundry is a million years of folding. If you haven't tried "cute" for cleaning, find a beater dress somewhere and give it a whirl. You'll be amazed at how much you get done!


  1. Agreed!I have a few dresses like that too and they're indeed perfect for cleaning.

  2. I love it! Maybe I'll have to find a dress like that to motivate me to clean. I love the little puff sleeves.

  3. Polka dots are classic and the wear-and-tear just adds to its charm, showing that is was well-loved by the original owner.

  4. Julie - I just wanted to say I am so enjoying your blog! I love what you are doing here. Weight is something I struggle with, and am currently trying to get back into my healthy weight-range - but it is also an issue few people talk about. I am so grateful that you are documenting this process. I will also have to add you on myfitnesspal - help keep me honest!