Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 38: Stealing Sunlight and Sparkling Sequins

Yesterday, while still overwhelmed with catching up from our huge cleanout sale and the
30% off Spring Cleaning sale in the shop, I just couldn't stand to stay in rainy day mode the whole time. There were little breaks of sunlight, and we managed to catch the tail end of one. I wanted the outdoor photos badly enough that I went for the photos, even though my hot rollers were steal heating up. (Read: my hair wasn't done.) Heck, I wasn't even entirely finished with my makeup!

It was WINDY. And cold. And the sunlight was very brief! But better than pouring.

Even though it isn't my FAVORITE shape, I used my pink crinoline, because well, it was windy, and if someone should see it, I'd rather it be cute and matching!

The pendant was a gift from a random stranger at Burning Man last year. At the time, I was wearing a reproduction black and white circle skirt with a touch of gold, and a 50s style halter top. (And, ahem, my skin was painted gold - trying something different.) I wear it when I'm stressed out, or need to remind myself to be a nicer person. The idea of giving with no expectation of receiving anything returned is literally stamped into the copper with the symbol of the Man. I like that. 

Sweater: 1950s Jantzen, purchased from a friend
Skirt: Goodwill, on half-off day, for $3.50 . Are you ready for this? IT'S A REPRODUCTION. Yeah. I need to remove the lining, which isn't cut in a full circle skirt like the exterior. Did my close-up give it away for you? I wish all rip-off styles were this good!
Crinoline: Estate sale.
Pendant: Gift at Burning Man
Bakelite: Various, but a number from the Antiques by the Bay flea market. Blues have been polished down from ugly greens.


  1. That skirt is amazing! I would kill to own it, even though it is repro!

    1. Janey, I so wish that I could tell you who made it (because I'd be hunting down the rest of their line.) But even though it is CLEARLY commercially made, there's not a single tag! Sigh.