Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 27: The V-E Day Dance

Last night, we attended a Victory in Europe day event organized by our friends Russell Bruner and Susan Kane, who run an events and performance organization called Swingtime PDX. They also cross over into the circus scene, and so were some of the few people that both Jesse and I knew before we met. They always put events on right, but this was one of their best. A large percentage of people dressed up, and reenactors in Allied uniforms attended.

The war is OVER! (Time to dance!)
P.S. Yes, we know V-E Day was the 8th. Tuesday is a terrible night to plan a big swing dance!

You might notice that, like yesterday, I'm wearing clothes that I've already worn, and just shaking up the outfits a bit. This is the dress from Day 1. It's so basic that all it really needs is different accessories and shoes. I though that doing a few repeats already might be helpful for those following along with the blog challenge - you don't need lots of CLOTHES for versatility, really, although it is nice. What you really need is lots of accessories! On the plus side, accessories can be a lot more affordable.

My friend Cassandra of Dear John Vintage snapped all the pictures of Jesse and I dancing. (It's HARD to dance well when you know you're being photographed! So... some of these are a little posed.) Jesse snapped this photo of the two of us.

Weight-Loss Check In
I have not made to the gym since WEDNESDAY. Aaagh! We have out of town guests here, and I thought I could keep up life-as-normal, but haven't been listing or going to the gym. I've been writing these posts five minutes at a time!

Once or twice I've remembered that I have little dumbbells here, and do a high reps set, but this is a throw-away week. I like hosting, but can't wait to have the house to just Jesse and I again, and to get back on track! Excuses, excuses. I also need to make a birthday cake for said guests tonight, too.

Dress: Jumblelaya
Hat: Purchased from a collector
Coat: Gift from a Costumer
Shoes: Thrifted
V for Victory Pin: Thrifted - Sarah, I still can't believe you didn't buy it. THANK YOU!
Bakelite Anchor Pendant: Ebay, years ago. Still never put it on a good chain.
Bakelite Bangles: Various


  1. I don't know if that's beacause of the victory dance, but I just love this post. You both look amazing!