Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 37: New 49'er - and a New CAMERA ... ZOMG

So, Sunday, I went shopping for ME. Which is a change of pace. At a local thrift, this 49'er literally fell across my path, and the shop was having 50% off day. HURRAY!

My favorite 49'er is always my most recent acquisition. But I do particularly like the colors in this one.

This one is missing buttons, has a bunch of moth chews, and is great colors. That makes it perfect for a day working at a home.

I WILL replace the butttons, of course. Eventually. A belt worked for bumming around.Wait! Do you recognize that belt? I thought I'd lost it. Jesse went out and HUNTED IT DOWN FOR ME. It was lying in the rain, soaked, but came out just fine in the end. He's my hero.

The photos? Taken with my new Canon Rebel, recommended by well, just about everyone I know. Unfortunately, since I spent almost the entire day indoors wrapping packages. It will take me (and Jesse) a while to figure out the settings and best lighting for these daily photoshoots. But wait until you see today's outfit, out in the sun! First thing tomorrow, promise!

Pendleton: Thrifted
1940s Corduroy Pants - a size 32" waist!: Viva Las Vegas weekender, 2010
Wedges: ReMix, bought at VLV


  1. You look lovely! I'm especially partial to the shoes :)

  2. I am very much enjoying these pants shots. I am a wide pant leg person, my fave pair of jeans are
    50s cut...sometimes I wonder if they suit me when others are walking around me in skinny jeans but when I see this nice wide leg
    cut on you I think, nope these are really great! stick to what you love! like your holey shirt too, it's great that we get to 'keep' all those
    slightly damaged pieces huh!

  3. What a great outfit! I'm so glad you found your belt again.

    I also have a Canon Rebel and I love it... I'm sure you'll figure out how to use it soon!