Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 31: The Princess Coat - oh my, the PRINCESS COAT!

So, yesterday, I spent almost the entire day sorting through my backstock and organizing past purchases, that had been folded into bins and tucked away. I could hardly believe the things that I'd forgotten about! One of my more recent purchases that hadn't been photographed, and was due to be stowed away for next winter was this amazing princess coat. I hadn't bothered to try it on. At my current size, a princess coat that fits would be RARE AS HEN'S TEETH.

Gasp. It FITS!
But wait.
It won't fit by next winter. It will be too big. And there's nothing sadder than a too-big princess coat.
Okay, I have a green princess coat. And a navy one. But I DON'T have a tan one, or one with such fantastic sleeves!

Okay. So, it won't fit in the future. I wanted to wear it, so wore it outside in 75 degree weather! It was fun to get glamorous after sorting through bin after bin of clothes in a housedress and head scarf.

Look at the wonderful nipped line!

I didn't have a hat that matched perfectly in my collection - but there was this one in the shop, and it was ideal!

I really, really love the amazing seaming on this piece. It just fits SO WELL.


  1. Oh, yummy. Alas, too big for me too. :(

  2. Oh my word that coat is FABULOUS!!!!!! What a find! I hope it goes to a good home!!!!