Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 34: (WAIT! What happened to 32 and 33!)

So, this weekend - Thursday, Friday and Saturday - I spent hours and hours (I mean, getting up at 4:30 type hours) preparing for and holding a giant clearance sale of damaged backstock, seconds, and the Circa Circus inventory.

My clothes were just workaday type outfits. Of course, I recorded them. But I'm the absolute queen of "Setting Small Items Places in Which They are Easily Misplaced." My little pink camera? I have no idea where it is, with Thursday and Fridays outfits. I'm hoping it turns up today as we box up all the leftovers from the clear out. Otherwise, I'm trying to figure it out if just putting on the same outfits for a photoshoot would "count" - sort of. It's too bad, though, there's some pretty silly pics of me with my new tagging gun.

Yesterday, I wore two of my favorite "worn out" items. The overalls were a gift for Burning Man from a fellow seller, I just love them! Someone wore the death out of them, and they are a go-to piece for cleaning day now. They were ideal for the busy set-up and tear-down of a massive sale!

I managed to wear three different pairs of my "cute but not so comfortable" shoes yesterday.. These are summer favorites, but they're really better if you're sitting down - if you know what I mean.

Also, my hair started out in braids, switched to pig tails, and ended up just tied back with the bandana. This weekend was NOT about glamour!

Shirt: Purchased from a friend (thanks, Morgan!)
Overalls: Bombshellshocked
Shoes: $5 at Goodwill, which is why I forgive them their evil discomfort.

Days 32 and 33 in one post, as soon as I find that camera!


  1. Good luck finding your camera!Hope your sale went well.Those shoes are great!Beauty is worth the discomfort of shoes sometimes.

  2. Thanks for hosting such a lovely sale! I've already worn my blue skirt, and fixed the fur fitted cape. I can't wait to wear it! I'm hoping for a day this week while it's still a bit of a blustery spring day and I can fit it into an outfit post before the weather turns super warm again.

  3. those overalls are just the bees knees, if I ever found a pair like that in my size I'd leap for vintage joy! sweet!

  4. Oh my goodness those overalls are AMAZING!!!!!! I love that style so much, I actually had a pair of repro ones made in a nearly twin-pattern!

  5. I've got to chime in too. Your overalls are AWESOME, and so flattering!