Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 39: Wardrobe Series Day 1, Dresses Can Be Separates, Too!

Finally! I promised you a post on wardrobe mixing, but I realized that I just couldn't do it without making a full series of it. So, for the next 5-7 days, you'll get me mixing and matching related pieces, for inspiration on expanding the possibilities of a limited wardrobe.

Today's post starts with the dress that I first wore on Day 23 - as seen below. Sorry for the terrible photos!

Now, everyone knows you can toss a sweater on over a dress for a slightly different look (and I will do that this week) but skirts are something else. Put it in the category of #stuffIlearnedfromvixenvintage - Solanah is a genius with mixing, and does this little trick during our Fab Gabs photoshoots somewhat regularly.

Why this dress works great as a top: for one, it is shorter, making it unlikely to peek out underneath the skirt. It is neutral colors - a very, very soft tan, and black. Gingham is eternally cute. And it has that NECKLINE. Honestly, the neckline really makes it, both as a dress and as a separate. I paired it with a 1950s black homemade acetate satin circle skirt, that works with just about everything.I compromised on condition on the skirt, because it fits, and a black circle skirt is one of the most useful 50s garments you can buy.

Funny thing to note - fifteen minutes after these photos were taken, with that BRILLIANT sunset, the clouds broke open and it absolutely POURED. Yeesh! Glad we snagged them when we did.

Dress: Goodwill Bins
Skirt: Goodwill Bins. This is funny, because I really don't go that often.
Shoes: Goodwill. They're Reaction by Kenneth Cole. Not really vintage enough for my fancy days, but REALLY comfortable. Like, as comfortable as tennis shoes.
Earrings: Bakelite, gift from Jesse. They are brown now, but will polish down to purple. I can't wait!
Bangles: Bakelite, various


  1. Oh! I'm so glad you posted that you got them in the Goodwill bins. I ADORE the bins and have been going for the past...oh... 15 years? No joke! Glad to see another person who buys vintage there.

    I remember one time I went and they were just putting new stuff in - there was another chick there who was snatching up all the handpainted 50's skirts and 50's dresses. I nabbed some fantastic stuff, but she got the best of the bunch. :(

    Anyway, I digress - lovely blog!

  2. You are amzing ,Julie! LOVE this particular post; as a plus size vintage vixen, you have to know, items in my size are limited so you have to really make the most of what you got! You should see how bummed I get when I'm adding things to my store and WISH Icould add them to my own closet,lol! BUT you did inspire me to do my own weight loss routine and I am super excited! Physical exertion is not my bag, but I am using rasberry ketones, walking more and most of all, staying super positive. You, my dear, are an inspiration!!

    1. Thank you so much for writing this, it is such a lovely compliment! I am so glad to hear that you'd finding a way into small sized vintage, too! Hurray!