Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 44: Wardrobe Series Day 5, Try Something New! {Rodeo Runaway}

I couldn't wait until tonight or tomorrow morning to show you today's outfit. It isn't at all what I'd originally had in mind for Day 5 - it was spontaneous and exciting, and I love how it came out.

On a previous wardrobe post, someone had commented that they had a lot of accessories they'd accumulated that just don't get used. Who doesn't? It's so easy to accumulate cute scarves, oddly colored gloves, or decorative collars - and have no idea when or how you'll use them. I have a LOT of pieces like that.

So, I started with an accessory that I have *NEVER EVER* used. I love it. It's this tiny ladies "bowtie" scarf, just a little thing. And it's western - cacti, broncos, ropes and cowboys. Obviously I had to buy it. But since it is yellow, it just hasn't ever made it out of my "oddities" drawer, and I've had it at least a year and a half. (Side note: the oddities drawer contains dickies, unusual collars and strangely shaped scarves, and little things like cuffs and mis-matched shoe clips.)

Once I put the scarf on on, the whole ensemble came together on its own. I NEVER wear that sweater buttoned to the neck, so that was a big change. I seldom pair my boots with things aside from my western skirts or peasant dresses. And I've never worn that hat outside of straight-up 40s ensembles.

A side note about the bangs - there's no hair-rat in there today. The hair was so well sprayed, and so "trained" from being wrapped with the net rat for two solid days, that it just rolled right back up, and into the perfect shape. I can't make it go another day, though, I need to wash my hair!!

It's an amazing hat. I'll show you a little more.

I can't fit a lot (read: ALL) of my western wear pieces, so seeing this ensemble come together really thrilled me. I bought the 1950s child's costume belt as a prop for the shop because I love it, but I managed to fit it on the largest setting. HURRAY!

I think this ensemble sums up the wardrobe series much better than I could have continuing to illustrate mixing and matching the various skirts and tops. You have more outfits in your wardrobe than you know! It just takes a little extra inspiration. So the next time you're stuck, find a great accessory that you never wear, and force yourself to build around it. You may be as pleased and surprised as I have been with this outfit. Now, go play dress up in your closet!

Cardigan: Goodwill
Skirt: Spiegel brand, Goodwill
Boots: Estate sale (sorry P&S. I still feel a little guilty about that misunderstanding!)
Hat: Expo Antique Shoe
Necktie: Estate Sale
Children's gun holster: Estate Sale

P.S. J., this outfit is dedicated to you, because I know you'll love it. You know who you are!


  1. Oh, I am loving EVERYTHING about this ensemble! That scarf is just so amazing! And that hat is super adorable!

  2. Amazing!! I love it and you look so happy!

  3. Thanks so much for this series! It's really been inspiring me to shake up my wardrobe a bit and look at it with a fresh eye.

  4. Love this outfit! It's just too adorable on you! I now feel the need to go out and get together a little western ensemble :)


  5. This outfit is so adorable! I am really enjoying your blog so much-keep up the fantastic work:)

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