Friday, May 4, 2012

Coming Soon! A sneak peek in details.

It had been a long time since we've had a photoshoot at Fab Gabs. Our original photographer left us in March, and it left me scrambling - which turned into a much-needed hiatus. I'm so excited about the items from this shoot. I've had time to gather the absolute best for you, the most fun, and most wearable. The shoot is very heavily 50s, then 40s, then a smattering of other eras. I hope you'll like the peeks! All items coming very soon. Feel free to inquire.
1. Late 1950s velour and corduroy Leopard print pant suit
2. 1950s Sundress
3. 1950s Quilted Circle Skirt with Novelty Print

1. 1950s Eyelet over Cherry Print (Day 2 dress!)
2. 1950s Circle Skirt Halter with Grape Lace Trim
3. 1930s Summer Shorts
 1. 1950s Black and Gold Bombshell Sweater Dress
2. Early 60s Homemade Gold Lamé (Day 14 Dress)
3. Fantastic 1950s Jerry Gilden Circle Skirt Sundress.


1. 1950s Red Bombshell Party Dress with Hip Pockets
2. 1950s Homemade Red Hawaiian Wiggle Dress
3. Stunning late 40s New Look Red Wool Dress with Black Velvet

1.  TO DIE FOR 1960s Silk Taffeta Party Dress, Couture Quality
2. 1950s Gold Lamé Brocade Bombshell Wiggle Dress
3. The perfect stole - a faux Persian Lame wrap with velvet accents

These are just a few highlights - there's so much more to come! Just wait until you see Solanah's HAIRSTYLE! Eeek!


  1. Ooh, that sundress from the first picture block looks fabulous!

  2. oh you're selling your cherry eyelet dress, i love that dress! Also, that red new look dress (!!!!!!!!!!) Stunning!

  3. I love that 50s red bombshell dress and the leopard pantsuit.

  4. I just love love love these news items!!!! When will you sell them online, can't wait!

  5. Hi! I can't find your email address anywhere on your blog! I'm incredibly interested in the measurments for the 50's sundress (#2 on your list). I have a wedding to go to and it's just what I'm looking for.

    You can email me at


  6. Ooh I don't know which is better- I think my favorite is that incredible Taffeta Party Dress! Love it all though... !