Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 29: Something Different. Something 60s. Something Silver.

So, I think I've mentioned Burning Man a couple of times previous. I know, I seem like exactly the sort who would never go, but Jesse has been for eight years running, and last summer, I went with him. At Burning Man, Jesse is (almost) always fully painted silver. So, silver is his theme color. And I get extra points when I wear it.

Yes, that's me with my hair rolled in a snood and vintage apron behind him.

So, I dressed up silver, and we had a little mini-date, mid-century style, after our houseguests left.

60s Dress. 60s Municiple Elevator.

 60s Dress. 60s Architecture Detail. I admit, I am really uncomfortable about my stomach in this shot.

1940s Tasco Silver Mexican bracelet.

Really, really dirt cheap silver shoes. So cheap I won't tell you want brand, even though I bought them at Goodwill.

More pretty bracelets.

We saw these very fragrant HUGE Irises on the way home. They were my mother's favorite, and always make me think of her.

Dress: Thrifted. Bought it for the shop, but realized someone had chopped it short. Plus, it's silver, so I kept it.
Shoes: Thrifted
Mexican bracelet: Estate sale.
Silver clamper: My mother's
Other bangles: Various

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