Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 43: We Interrupt Your Wardrobe Post for Glamour Night

I know, I know. Yesterday should have been Day 5 of the wardrobe series. But you see, those bangs lasted perfectly overnight, and I really wanted to do something more impressive with them. I got dressed up. Jesse took me to Italian. (We were good and SHARED a meal.)

This dress was in my inventory for a long time. It nearly sold a time or two - went through inquires, etc. I finally kept it. Because it is bias cut, it is super accommodating. I do have to wear a "squisher" bra with it at this time, in order not to strain it though.

The shawl came with a lot purchase that I split with Stutterin' Mama. She and I were sorting like crazy, trying to weed out damaged items, modern pieces, etc. Somehow this shawl was tossed aside, and Jesse rescued it for me to look at the next day, when we weren't quite so tired. It's a fabulous 1940's wool piece, with flowers of sequins and beads. Of course, it's moth chewed. Big deal. I dare someone to notice when I'm dressed like this!

The hair - oh, I wish we'd gotten an indoor photo! There was slightly more light than it looks like, but not enough to not need flash. I was pretty thrilled with it. I'm making those bangs go for day 3 today. These photos are interesting, because it shows how asymmetric my face really is. I have a "short side" and a "long side" and when I'm heavy, that translates to a "smooth side - the short" and a "fat side." I am really looking forward to losing enough weight so that it doesn't show in my face anymore!

The difference is dramatic, no? You should see what happens when I do those half-face programs! Yeesh.

And the finishing touch. I don't have 1930s bangles, sadly. Even when am slim, I still have big hands for a girl, and find most Deco era bracelets just too small. And a little too expensive, since I already have one all-consuming bracelet obsession. But these work alright for a night out around people who don't know or care. And work GREAT in black and white. Ha.

Dress: Rad Summer
Shawl: Lot Purchase
Shoes: Goodwill
Bracelets: Clamper on at left, and rhinestone stretch bracelet were my mothers. All others various sources.

I promise, Day 44 will bring a final installment of the Wardrobe series!

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