Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 19: A Little Progress

So, to answer a question I've received. I'm going to the gym 6 days a week, but make it five if I do something else very active outside the gym. Like the "Sky Gym" trampoline place that Jesse wants to go to, or HOURS of swing dancing to live music (like last night.) I don't do less than five days of my regular gym routine, though. It's great, because I'm actually seeing results - more on my body than on the scale right now.

Those are one of my few size 32 Jitterbuggin pants. When I started this blog 19 days ago, I couldn't zip them - or rather, I could, but would strain them and the zipper would come undone on its own. I zipped them without having to suck it in the other day. The fit isn't as perfect as on my larger size 34 pants, but it was good, and will only get better. I'm pretty excited about that.

Excuse how dark the photos are. It was POURING outside, and there was just no light coming in the house at all! It's still a little stripped down from having the photoshoot, so forgive the unfinished look.

1940s peeptoe shoes, 1940s platform shoes, 40s platforms, 40s heels

Oh, these shoes. THESE SHOES! They've been favorites from the moment I bought them, even though I purchased them irreparably broken. One shoe is secretly held together with duct tape on the inside, and both of the shanks must have broken in the past, because they're literally secured with screwed in metal braces. I DON'T CARE. I love them. I don't dance in them, just go to "sit pretty" events, or days where I'm not likely to be on my feet long. I don't get to have a lot of shoes like this, because I wear a 9 1/2 wide. So I savor what I get. They look fabulous anyway.

1940s platforms, 1940s shoes, 40s shoes, 40s peeptoe shoes

Fitting even one thing that I couldn't zip before is an encouraging difference. I have a lot of fabulous things that I can't wait to show you!

Pants: Jitterbuggin'
Blouse: Thrift store
Hat: Random "Last Thursday" street vendor
Shoes: Antiques by the Bay in Alameda, CA

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  1. Gosh those shoes ARE amazing! I do not blame you for holding onto them so dearly, I would definitely do the same. Congrats on your progress so far!