Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 23: Day for Night

First of all, even though this is Tuesday's outfit, it's time for my Wednesday weigh-in. (I'll post Wednesday's outfit first thing in the morning!)

So, Wednesdays from now on will include an official weigh-in.
Current Weight: 183.6 lbs
At Last Weigh in: 182.4
Starting Weight: 185 lbs
Weight Loss to Date: 1.4 lbs

It was really hard to update you with weight gain. I've been careful about what I've been eating, and mostly regular with the gym. I caused a minor injury of my Achilles tendon on the left foot, and the back of my ankle has a small swelling. I know, I shouldn't be in heels. So I've been doing light on the cardio, and focusing on upper body weights. I think part of the weight gain is muscle, and part of it was related to the couple of meals we ate out. There you go. Keepin' it real. Ouch.

We didn't get these photos until evening, and makeup was a little melted from the warm day, and the little camera really isn't up to the challenge. (But never fear, Sarah took FABULOUS, clear pics for my Day 24 post!) I do like wearing 1950s daywear for evening reasons - it's still so much dressier than everyone else around, but doesn't stand out the way, say, a sequined party dress does. Too bad you can't see my hair. It was awesome.

It's hard to see my hair, especially with that distracting cheesy wink. I didn't know it looked so silly!

Sometimes, a random shoe company makes cute shoes. But I abhor toe cleavage, so I always wear the low vamp styles with nude fishnets.

Okay, this whole outfit was really about the Bakelite. Why? I'm trying to use it to talk myself out of going and getting a toffee chocolate caramel ice cream (or similar.) The Bakelite is just as yummy, without the calories. These balmy evenings have made the cravings go CRAZY. I believe in having some indulgence, but I'm waiting to hit the 5lbs of weight loss mark.

Dress: Late 1950s, cotton. Purchased damaged at the Goodwill bins (for about $1.10) and repaired by Jesse
Sweater: Thrift store purchase - a gift from Jesse. He was so proud of himself!
Shoes: Thrift store
Bakelite: Various


  1. There are other factors that will make your weight slightly higher like the time of day you weigh yourself, how hydrated you are, etc. Don't get discouraged! :)

  2. Weighing in can be super frustrating, especially if you're doing weight training as part of your routine. I monitor how my clothes fit, how many inches I've lost on my waist & other parts & try not to mind the scale too much. You'll be pleased with the results much quicker! And, find yourself slinking into those wee vintage garms quicker than you think!

  3. The same thing happened to me though I was sure I must have lost weight...So I decided to measure myself instead as that way I could see if I was getting smaller..And I was getting smaller even though my weight was not moving down much at all...and yes the muscle building is what contributes to that as we all know muscle weighs more than fat...

  4. Dear Julie, I just joined your blog this week so I haven't read all of your workout routines. I was wondering if you have tried the Slim in Six program? I've had two kids and each one I gained 40-50lbs. Like you I have tons of vintage clothing and wanted to fit back into them, both times I lost the weight with this program, the results are fast and stay with you, you don't gain the weight back like other programs. Slim in Six is a six week work out that slims your body, it's awesome, the first thing you will notice is your waist! It's just a DVD set so you can do it at home, tons of people have lost weight with it. I also paired it with this diet book, called Fat smash, it's a 9 day detox to kick start your metabolism and then you go into phase 2 which shows you how to eat properly and portion control. The detox is just eating fruits and veg, plus milk, yogurt etc. it's not bad. Every time I did the detox I lost 8-9lbs. and the weight stayed off. It took me about 6 weeks to lose 30lbs and the rest came off a little more gradual but I know it will work for you! Good luck.

  5. I weigh myself daily for this reason (and shush, all you naysayers, I don't care why you aren't supposed to!). I'm using an app that graphs my weight as I go, so I see my daily ups and downs as part of a bigger upward or downward trend... it helps me keep realistic with what I eat and my exercise, although it can be discouraging at times.