Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 30: (ONE MONTH!) Turban Tutorial Tuesday and Wednesday Weigh In!

I know that I had said that I'd go to doing just bi-weekly weigh ins. That's totally fine for those following along with their own challenge, and mostly, I'll do that, too. But yesterday was the completion of my first 30 days. I wanted to know where I was at.

Current Weight: 181.4 lbs
At Last Weigh in: 186.6
Starting Weight: 185 lbs
Weight Loss to Date: 3.6 lbs

I'll need to average just a hair more than this loss on other months, but since I'm just starting, and I'm being careful and slow about it, I feel really good about this number. Even if all I did lose was 3.6 lbs a month, that would be over 43lbs. I'm still aiming for 50,and I know I can get there.

So, I'm going to try do a turban tutorial with my outfits posts for Tuesday. But since it is 5pm on Wednesday and I'm just getting my yesterday's outfit posted, I guess I'll do it today! This is a variation with the same two-tone scarfs as the lower profile Bowtie Turban. I decided to base my outfit on the same colors, because a) I think the bold contrast makes the steps more clear and b) I really, really love chartreuse and brown.I'm not imaginative.This is Two Tone Turban #2.

You will need the same supplies as listed for the Bowtie Turban. Two longer oblong scarves, and a few bobbies.

1. Drape Scarf #1 across your head, and secure with bobby pins at the sides. 

2. Gather the scarf, bringing it up toward the center of the forehead. The bobbies will keep the center properly in place. This is the primary difference in construction from the Bowtie Turban, that wraps behind the head.

3.  Twist Scarf #1 into the start of a knot

4. Thread Scarf #2 under the knot. I keep one side quite short (a little short than the photo, sorry!) and one quite long.

5. Make a semi-loose square knot with Scarf #2, by bringing the long side over, around and then under the short side (and through the loops that creates.)

6. Bring the long side all the way around your head and back to the front. I prefer this method, because it keeps all knots and bobbies at the front, where they are easier to hide.

7.  Tuck the end pf Scarf #2 into the center knot, and secure it with a bobby pin.

8. Take one loose end of Scarf #1, and make a soft loop with it, securing it with a bobby pin to Scarf #2

9. Take the loose ends of Scarf #1 and Scarf #2 on the other side, and loop and puff them as you see fit! Secure with a bobby pin or two.

10.  To finish this style, I like to bring Scarf #2 down to the sides of the face, since it is gathered and so more of an "edge." You can see this in the outfit shot at the top. I didn't pin the green scarf quite snugly enough today. Probably because I was doing the tutorial! Make sure it is snug and secure against the head.

Scarves: Various
Shirt: 1950s Donig sportswear "Celanese fabric" jersey sportswear top.
Skirt: 1950s Novelty Print, purchased YEARS ago from AlexSandra's
Shoes: ReMix
Sunglasses: Polaroid "Swing"
Bakelite: Various


  1. You made it a whole month, congrats!!

    That skirt is incredible.

  2. The skirt is so freaking fab!Congrats on the weight loss.I always have to remind myself when I don't see the number drop as much as I want that muscle weighs more than fat.You're gaining muscle and losing the fat so you're definitely doing this the right way and I'm proud of you!Slow and steady wins the race.You've motivated me to ditch this last 20 I've been yoyoing with since I've tried to ditch all the baby weight from my last kiddo.

  3. What a fabulous outfit! Love it!

  4. Yay yay -- go, J, go!

    Oh, and that skirt, omfg.

  5. That skirt is amazing!

    And I love the chartreuse--it's one of my favorite colors.

  6. You are so fabulous!!