Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 40: Wardrobe Series Day 2, Accessories are Key

So, before we get to the serious stuff: Jesse always gets ONE great shot of me, the most flattering to my figure and best composed. That shot is always the one where I have an eyelash in my eye and I'm busy pulling it out (as below) or someone yells a "hello" from the street, and I"m in the middle of responding. But I like this shot, so I'm including it anyway!

So, this outfit incorporates that ideal black circle skirt from the previous day's ensemble, pairing it with a second indispensable wardrobe piece: the basic black velvet top. I own four, in four slightly different sizes, because I really can't bear to be without one. I consider them a must have!
Here's links to a few random such pieces I found on Etsy: 1  2  3  4  5 Just search "50s black velvet top"

That said, two black pieces makes a pretty basic ensemble. But with accessories, which are both easier and less expensive to accumulate than clothing, you can make the outfit anything you want! Play to your strengths - accessorize with colors that you have a lot of, and which look best on you. Of course, you usually have more of what you look good in!

The "belt" is one of a few massive silk chiffon scarves I picked up some time ago. If you see any pieces like this, they're worth almost whatever the seller is charging for them, because they are incredibly versatile. I paired this ombre red polka dot piece with a butterscotch bakelite buckle to fit in with the red and yellow theme.

When in doubt, add lots of bangles. You've noticed that I wear a lot of Bakelite. It happens to be a passion of mine. But metal, wood, plastic, etc. It's all fair game, and helps to make an outfit fun. Also, a fun purse definitely spices up a basic "canvas" ensemble.

Both my crinoline and shoes were bright colors to add light to the black ensemble. These pieces look very different with even very similar accessories in a different palette, and I may show that off later in the week. I don't want you to think I'm cheating on my daily outfit by wear the two same base pieces.

The hat is always the finishing touch of an outfit. A couple of you have mentioned being uncertain about hats, and I know! They're an accessory largely gone by the wayside in modern fashion, and can be a big step to take into the world of vintage style. But I'll tell you, there's no better way to make a basic dress or ensemble look bold and unique than pairing it with a bright, unusual, or eye-catching hat.

Final note - pretty thrilled about my hair!

Velvet top: Bombshell Vintage
Skirt: Goodwill Bins
Bakelite & Plastic Necklace: Expo Antique Show
Hat: Expo Antique Show
Earrings: ??
Shoes: Goodwill
Snood: Estate Sale
Stockings: Backseamed stockings from Nordstrom
Crinolines: Estate sales
Scarf: Estate sale
Bakelite Buckle: Gift from Jesse

So, there you are! More basics on maximizing your wardrobe tomorrow!

P.S. MY FAVORITE ACCESSORY - a man who matches, for the win.


  1. You look absolutely stunning! I am loving this series.

  2. I'm loving this series too!!! I love your whole ensemble and I'm with you on the hat--LOVE it!!

  3. Yup! It's become a daily must-read for me too!! Well done, Julie!

  4. I adore hats! I don't wear them as much as I'd like but they are so much fun! I've been realizing lately that I need more basic pieces in my wardrobe. I have no basic white tops and the only basic black top I have is modern! Can't wait to see the next part of this series.

  5. So cute and so right! Accessories can make an outfit better than the actual clothes can!


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