Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 22: Short Hair and Inherited Hats

I've noticed, through the process of doing this blog, just how much of the clothing I own for my current weight is '50s. This is a little funny to me, as I have always thought of myself as a War-Era gal at heart. That made me think about 50s hats - most of mine are 40s - and that perhaps I'd need to wear more of them to match my ensembles. And that if I did that, I ought to cut my hair. Maybe just a simple 50s pageboy or bob. Yesterday was the day.

With shorter hair, I'd be able to wear this hat again, inherited from my mother, who passed just after my twelfth birthday. Her grace and personal style - and giant hat collection - informed much of my early collection.

The 1950s dress set worked perfectly with it - even if the hat is a tad fancier. They both have rhinestones, after all.

The hair? I didn't really cut after all, of course. I know I'd hate myself for the whole grow out period, and it probably wouldn't be as long as I want it to be when I start fitting more of my 40s clothes. So it is just teased and rolled. Too bad I didn't remember to turn my face the OTHER way so you could see the lovely smoothness of the other side. Even my dad asked if I cut my hair!

Dress: Borrowed from my shop, can be purchased here
Hat: Inherited from my mother
Gloves: Estate Sale
Shoes: Mod Cloth


  1. Glad you mentioned all that! I am the same - 50s shapes are a little easier to wear when there are a few extra inches on waist and hip!

  2. such a beauty you are julie! way to go on this awesome blog you are doing, i love to read it :) xo christine

  3. This is definitely true, I have found myself wearing more 50s styles too. Really lovely to hav your mum's hat, I cherish the things I've inherited from my mum too, even if the only hat is a beret! :) x

  4. You are lovely in a 50's style. For myself, I cannot choose between 40's and 50's, I can wear both. I'm always afraid to cut my hair so when I wear 50's I usually make a chignon.