Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 41: Wardrobe Series Day 3, Understated is Versatile

So, in keeping with the theme of maximizing one's wardrobe, yesterday's blouse was the same as the previous day. Black velvet tops are incredibly versatile, flattering, and timeless. One of the things I like about this one is how flattering the line of the waist can be, when paired with a contrasting color, allowing the slightly longer line of the top to be seen.

What looked flirtatious with the Day 40 ensemble is toned down and reserved in Day 41's look. I added a 40s dress clip for an elegant touch. The jet necklace is fancy, but still suitable for a day at the office, and the single bracelet is tasteful - doesn't scream "look at me!" in the manner of an armload of bakelite bangles. I kept the same purse for the look.

Just like Day 40, a hat helps to set the mood. This little black hat goes with almost any 50s ensemble you can find - it is just perfectly classic.

We brought chocolates for a friend's birthday, and they matched. That always makes me happy! I wish I could show you my shoes, but the photographs were a bit wonky yesterday.

Two toning an ensemble is a great way to make basics look really different. Also, while an outfit loaded with Bakelite and bold accessories is likely to be remembered in detail, an outfit like this will just leave people remembering how well put together you looked. You can wear it in to work again next month, with slightly different accessories, without feeling as though it will stand out as having been "done" already.

Velvet top: Bombshell Vintage
Circle Skirt: Newer, from Spiegel, bought at Goodwill
Hat: Uncertain
Chocolates: Rx Missionary Chocolates
Purse: Sold to me from the window of a truck driving past- the guy recognized my style, and had just bought it at a garage sale for his wife to sell on ebay. He sold it to me instead. 


  1. you have such lovely skin.

  2. such a true sentiment- eye candy worn once feels old real soon but simple and understated works time and time again...