Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 17: Day to Evening

I'm a big believer in versatility for a vintage wardrobe. That's why my 365 day challenge doesn't disallow reusing individual pieces, just total ensembles.

I promised two outfits for yesterday, and that's what I did.

This is what I call "front seat change."  You know you'll need to move from day activities to evening, with no real chance to change. And you don't want to use the restroom at work or at Starbucks to put on a pretty dress. So, I had a spare scarf, change of shoes, and a tailored jacket with me. I kept a basic black bakelite bangle in purse and changed out the jewelry, too. I didn't even untie my original turban, just looped the black through it it, and secured it with a single fine hat pin.

The jacket is a fabulous 40's gab piece on loan from my own shop. I hadn't listed it yet, because I wanted to borrow it. We went out to sushi, and then immediately to the gym, so I actually didn't get to enjoy it for very long, but I suppose that saves a trip to the dry cleaner! Sigh.

Today (Day 18!) is our first photoshoot in nearly TWO MONTHS. Whew! I was gettin' sort of nervous. I have the most fantastic things for the shop, I'm really excited. But I'll also be really tired when it is over, so the Day 18 post will probably be late, too!

Enjoy! Work with your wardrobe, your solid color dresses - and skirts - are major assets. And if you don't have very many, get more, because as amazing and wonderful as prints are, solid colors will always travel twice the miles - they're what make mixing and matching work!


  1. That jacket is great Julie, it has an overall very slimming effect on you.

  2. Thank you, Brooksie! Gosh, how good to hear from you, too!

  3. Beautiful jacket. You look so chic!

  4. Love the double points in the jacket collar. You look lovely!